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Ideas for choosing the right game room and bar furniture for your unique style
With a wide variety of games to play, there are a plethora of options to consider when picking furniture for your game room. If you are looking for a traditional bar or pub feel, you might seek furniture and details that incorporate dark paneled wood, leather seating, and brass elements. If your space is a game room that has an arcade-like vibe, you might look for furniture that has a lighter visual feel, or even go a little retro with your game room furniture. Additionally, if your game room is more for gaming and less for billiards, you can play up colorful details mixed in with black or darker toned furniture. It really comes down to the mood you are setting for yourself and guests.

Where game room and bar furniture work best in your home
Game room and bar furniture works best in bonus rooms that are dedicated to relaxing and socializing. But if you want that same feel without the dedicated square footage, you can incorporate a small game area or bar into other parts of your home. Many homeowners place a small bar in their living or dining room for example, while others often place a pub table in an eat-in kitchen. It is all about bringing that pub vibe into your home, whether it is a full basement or a small corner of your public spaces.

The best game room and bar furniture: What to look for
The best furniture will fit your unique style in a way that speaks to you. For a traditional pub, look for sumptuous wooden pieces that have traditional or classic details, black or green leather upholstery, and brass nail head hardware. For a more arcade styled space, search for bar furniture for sale with modern details: chrome, glass, and sculptural details. If you are a gamer looking to complete a room with gaming consoles, look for theater seats for reclining during games, bean bag chairs, and end tables that will hold your snacks and drinks during long hours of play.

Q: What kind of furniture do I need for my game room?

A: Game room furniture needs are all dependent upon the type of game room you are hoping to create. You can make a list of furniture by examining the seating and tables you might need for the specific games you want to play. Think of it as matching a task to ergonomics. If it is a billiards room, for example, you need space for a pool table, seating and tables for gathering/eating, and square footage to move freely about during play.
Q: How should I organize my game room?

A: One of the most important aspects of organizing a game room is determining the square footage a particular game will require, depending predominantly on the tasks at hand. Plan first for the gaming, second for seating, and third for eating and drinking. If your game room is large enough to feature more than one game or type of play, you might organize seating in groups that create flow and accommodates for different types of play and socializing.
Q: What types of pub tables and bar sets are popular?

A: Popular pub tables and bar sets often have wood details that mimic your favorite pub or sports bar. Many homeowners enjoy capturing that same atmosphere in their own homes. Pub tables are often high with a small tabletop, perfect for leaning an elbow against or positioning two bar stools pulled up close. Popular bar sets are often “L” shaped, or long rectangles with storage for glassware underneath.
Q: Does my pub table and bar need to match each other?

A: Choosing to match pub tables and bars often comes down to personal taste. For some people, having a matching set completes the pub atmosphere they are seeking, and for others, mixing up the style will create the eclectic feel they want in their space. If you are unsure about either of those choices, you can always choose pieces that have similar details so they speak the same visual language.
Q: What are the best games for a game room?

A: Some of the more classic games in a home game room are darts, billiards, poker/cards, and foosball. More recently, homeowners are also including game rooms that have an arcade style with pinball, air hockey, and retro arcade games. With the influx of video games, game rooms can also have a less traditional feel with large or multiple screens, gamer chairs, and more.


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