Getting Ready for Holiday Guests

Getting Ready for Holiday Guests

The holidays are almost here and you probably know what that means … it’s time to play host! Soon, loved ones will be showing up at your doorstep and your home will be filled with friends and family. Before guests arrive, prepare your home for the holidays with these five decorating tips:

Set planters by your front door

This year, you don’t have to struggle with Christmas lights to create a holiday look. Show off the outside of your home with a festive display of planters instead. All you have to do is put an evergreen plant in a decorative planter. Then, set it right next to your front door or on your front porch step for guests to admire.

Create a welcoming entryway

A welcoming environment starts at the entryway. When guests first walk into your home, make sure you have well-lit entryway to greet them. If the entryway seems a bit bare and is lacking allure, hang a Christmas wreath on the wall or the back of the front door.

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Install a chandelier

Many of the guests staying in your home have probably have seen it already. Give them something new to admire then and surprise them with a new, elegant chandelier. You can replace an old chandelier or hang up a new one in the living room, dining room or whatever room that works!

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Light the fireplace

Who doesn’t love sitting by a nice fire during the holiday season? Having a fireplace instantly makes a room feel cozy and warm. To help make guests feel even more comfortable, set down a soft rug right in front of the fireplace where they can sit.

Decorate the dinner table with festive plates

 Decrease the amount of work you have to do when company is over by decorating the dinner table beforehand. Instead of using your regular dishware, however, decorate the table with festive plates instead. Setting the table with holiday plates will make a big dinner feel even more special.

Now that you’re ready for guests to arrive, take a sigh of relief and enjoy the rest of your holiday!


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