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Half Price Drapes offers high-end luxurious fabrics stitched with quality and care to create extravagant drapes -- all at an affordable price. Draperies and curtains are the soul of the business, and with this passion for fabric, Half Price Drapes has created designer quality window treatments for years, working closely with you, the homeowner, to deliver the best in window treatments. Many people interested in redecorating their homes assume that high-end luxury must come at a high price. Half Price Drapes offers value no matter the type of curtains you seek. The brand has a huge selection in a variety of fabrics – silk, linen, velvet and sheer to name a few. Half Price Drapes is proud of its long history in the industry and looks forward to making your home design dreams a reality. Since 2005, operating in the Bay Area, Half Price Drapes has made curtains and custom draperies. Over this time, the brand has developed a clientele of over 50,000 from all over the country and overseas, ranging from designers in Washington D.C. to restaurants in the Bay Area to individual homeowners all over world. What makes the brand unique is that it weaves its own fabric, creates its own embroidery patterns, and manufactures its own curtains and drapes in a 15,000 square foot workshop with dedicated staff of seamstresses. This eliminates much of the overhead costs and allows Half Price Drapes to provide high-end, luxurious customized curtains and drapes at a tremendous value. A team of professional designers keeps abreast of the latest trends, colors, patterns and styles to ensure the most current and on-trend fabrics are available. Since Half Price Drapes weaves its own cloth, it's constantly introducing new designs. As a result, the brand maintains an extremely high rate of repeat shoppers looking for a change or upgrade. Every window deserves a breathtaking treatment!

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