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Address numbers make a porch or front walk more inviting. Time to create curb appeal that not only reflects the uniqueness of your house, but is also easy to see from the road! Since address and mailbox numbers mark your location, their visibility is especially paramount. With many options to work with, you'll never have to sacrifice style for visibility. Choose an option that ensures your guests arrive on time and without eye-strain. Select from brass and stainless steel house numbers, lighted house numbers, black house numbers, and everything in between in many sizes and typeface styles for the ideal match for your unique home today.

Address Numbers, Signs, Plaques & More

For easy installation, try adhering your house numbers and letters onto a sign or plaque. This approach works especially well for reflective house numbers and those designed to “float” from flat surfaces. A set of gold 4 inch address numbers, for instance, attached to a red plaque looks grand when hung from a freestanding white post near a walkway. Metallic house numbers and letters are also durable, classy and elegant options for any home. Also be sure to consider placement and creative applications! Gold 5 inch house numbers set into a monument makes smart use of a large front lawn and ensures the house address numbers aren’t hidden from view. A white address plaque topped with bronze house numbers also directs all eyes to the address numbers in the center, making it that much easier to find your home. Or you can try a set of 3 inch house numbers in gold, black, or copper for plentiful reflectivity and visual appeal.

Ideas for choosing the right house numbers for your unique style

The house numbers you choose for your home’s exterior make a big first impression, so make sure they showcase your sense of style. Beyond colors and lengths, remember you can always sort our selection by style, honing your aesthetics from traditional to transitional and beyond. With different fonts, sizes and finishes, you can choose from horizontal or vertical mounts, utilize do-it-yourself kits for added personalization, or use backlit house numbers for better visibility. From granite address signs to petite floating numbers, you’ll find everything you need for the perfect presentation.

Stainless Steel & Brass House Numbers

House number plaques are great canvases for metal house numbers of any style. Create a bit of playful whimsy for a colonial or ranch home with brass house numbers or stainless steel address numbers installed onto a decorative plank or painted sign. From an updated design viewpoint, contemporary homes can make bold statements with extra-large house numbers. Choose a rounded typeface for brass address numbers on a modern or art deco home and set a tall planter underneath. And for older or remodeled houses with a wraparound porch and Victorian trim, you might even explore a set of antique brass house numbers in a condensed or curly font for vintage charm.

Where to place house numbers that won't be missed

Where you live can have a direct influence on the type of house numbers you’ll need for your home’s exterior. Always consider the distance between your house address numbers and the mid-point of your street to determine what size you’ll need in order for the numbers to be visible from the road. House numbers often look best when they’re kept proportional to the size of your home (i.e., large numbers for large homes and small numbers for smaller spaces). Yet, this rule is not hard and fast and people do tend to mix and match for impact. City dwellers may also be able to simply use numbers that contrast against their home or apartment’s exterior paint thanks to the abundance of urban lights, while rural homeowners may prefer a backlit display to help visitors find their homes in the dark.

The Allure of Black House Numbers

The more prominent your house numbers, the quicker it is for others to find you. When set against a light-colored wall or sign, black house numbers made from metal, wood, or ceramic are easy to see from a distance. If you live in the country, a set of black house letters hanging near the end of your driveway will guide delivery drivers to the door. The typeface you choose for black door numbers gives visitors a clue about your style. Try a set of large house numbers with classic serifs for a retro-industrial look on a wood-sided house or brick porch. Or shop our selection of floating house numbers in modern fonts to achieve that mid-century mystique.

You’ll find plenty of house numbers and letters in the finishes and fonts you adore. Keep it simple with dark aged copper house numbers, satin nickel and antique brass house numbers, or add chic contrast with black address numbers and letters instead. Do-it-yourself address kits make displaying your street address easy, while backlit designs illuminate the numbers for enhanced visibility. Sign posts offer an eye-catching display, and basic plaques keep things streamlined and simplified. Many of our house numbers and letters feature weatherproofing like powder-coated frames for extra protection against the elements. These accents provide fast and accurate address identification for guests, deliveries and emergency vehicles.

Lighted & Large House Numbers

When shopping for large house numbers, measure before ordering and choose a typeface and metal finish that maximizes your home’s curb appeal. If you’ve decided on lighted house numbers, make sure the sun is able to reach the solar strips at all times of the year. An electrician can help you hard-wire the street address numbers if your installation is complicated. The investment pays off when your illuminated street address numbers make your home’s front exterior beautiful and safe. Calling in a professional to install floating house numbers will prevent structural damage to your siding and ensure a good final result. Since you come home to the numbers every day, you’ll want them to look nice!

Street address numbers play an important part in first impressions, so select them with the same thought you give to other areas of your home. After taking measurements, choose a material, style, and size suited to your space. With so many options to choose from, decision-making might be the hardest thing you’ll have to do.

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