How to Mix Metals in 5 Easy Steps

How to Mix Metals in 5 Easy Steps

We just wrapped up an awesome project with clients that were a joy to work with. In the master bathroom, we updated the space and created a wet room with a modern feel. By using a frameless shower door, natural elements, a black ceiling, and clean lines, the bathroom feels like a wet room, makes a statement and looks like spa. In this project, we also mixed metals which can sometimes be a scary thing to attempt, but it’s simple when you know a few tips. Here are 5 ways to mix metals successfully!

1. Pick your Dominant Metal

All of our fixtures, including the sink faucet, tub faucet, and shower head, were a polished nickel finish, which kept a consistent theme throughout the space. By having all the fixtures the same that work well together in the bathroom, we were able to bring in another metal in the light fixtures.

2. Find a Bridge Piece

In this project, the black mirrors became the bridge piece because they matched the light fixtures, while still playing off the chrome fixtures. The mirrors also connect to the black tile on the shower and tub wall and allow the chrome to really shine.

3. Blend Warm and Cool Tones

Styling the space with the gold, geometric shape brought in a warmer metal tone and softened the space. Mixing warm and cool tones of metal will keep your space from looking too cozy or too cold. Instead, it will be a perfect compromise!

4. Use No More than Three Colors

To keep the look consistent and not too distracting, use no more than three metal colors. By using more than that, the metals will compete against each other, rather than complement one another. Also, keep the colors in proportion to the importance you want them to stand out. All of the fixtures were polished chrome and were more prevalent throughout the space; the lighting fixtures were black and less prominent than the fixtures, and finally the gold accents added just a small pop of color.

5. Stay Consistent

In this bathroom, we kept all of the fixtures the same color because it provides consistency. By mixing metals at different levels, like the black metal fixtures above the mirrors, it adds depth to the space. When mixing metals in a kitchen for example, all of the hardware should be the same color, while the lighting fixtures or appliances could be another metal.

Jamie & Morgan Molitor

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