LED Lights For Christmas

5 Ways You Can Use Led Lights For Christmas

Festive garlands, fun inflatables, charming figurines — there are many different decorations available to design a dazzling holiday home display. No matter which accessories you choose, however, one thing is certain: no winter wonderland is complete without a little illumination. The right lighting in place makes sure your holiday set-up shines. And thanks to the invention of LED lighting, you won’t have to worry about your decorations costing you a fortune each month.

LED lighting not only lasts longer than alternative options like incandescent bulbs, but they use less energy as well. It’s really one of the smartest ways to decorate your space, as you’ll save money both on lower utility bills and by not having to buy replacement lighting in the future.

Ready to buy some LED lights for your home? Before you start shopping, take a look at some of our ideas for illuminating your space. These simple decorating tricks give any home that warm glow that everyone loves this time of year.

Set up an LED-lit tree

This year, try a sophisticated alternative to the traditional evergreen tree. A silver faux birch tree featuring warm LED lights has a minimalist look that works great for contemporary or modern homes. Another option is to go with the classic green pre-lit tree, a tree that will last for years to come thanks to the LED lights. Add either one of these simple-yet-eye-catching trees to any room that could use some additional brightness. A few advantages of a pre-lit LED Christmas tree? The bulbs don't get hot, so it's safer. You don't have to mess with tangled lights. And you don't have to worry about replacing a burnt-out bulb. Really, need we say more?

Hang up an eye-catching wreath

Welcome family and friends into your home with an LED-lit wreath hung up on the door. Wreaths also make great wall decor inside the house, helping you spruce up your interior without overcrowding your space. If you have a small home or are working in a tiny area such as the hallway, consider using a wreath to decorate.

Accent your shelf display

Dressers, open shelves, mantels and tables all provide surfaces to show off your holiday decor. You can take the look even further by highlighting your accessories with illumination placed along the edge of the surface behind the display. Your little snowmen or reindeer will be the first thing loved ones see when they walk into the room.

Frame the windows and doors

String lights aren’t only for the roof of your house or wrapping around your tree. To enhance the ambiance in any room, simply hang white or colored lights around the door frames and windows. This simple addition can create a much cozier space for your family and friends to enjoy both indoors and out.

Create your own soft lighting with mason jars and LED lights

Candles are cozy, but the wax melts fast if you leave them lit too long and they can be a safety hazard around young children. To create the same effect, try filling clear mason jars with white LED strings and set them on tables and shelves. Not only will this help you feel snug in your space, but guests will “ooh” and “ahh” over your unique idea for decor!

This year, let your holiday spirit shine with a little LED lighting illuminating your home. These are just a handful of ways to incorporate LED lighting into your decor.

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