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Ideas for choosing the best mirror set for your unique style

Mirror sets are both decorative and reflective, and with so many available, there is something for every style. If you gravitate toward a more traditional style, consider mirror sets that boast of antiqued or aged materials, as they will often have a classic look. If your space is more transitional or eclectic, find a mirror set with geometric patterns and motifs. Alternatively, if you are more contemporary or modern in your aesthetic, look to create a mirror collage with paired down details, sleek materials, or unique design. Circle mirror sets with a mid-century modern look are a perfect example of a modern or contemporary set.

Tips for decorating with mirror sets as wall decor

If you are looking for mirror set to add to your home, you will find many come as three piece wall mirror sets. A triple mirror decorative element is pleasing to the eye and provides a lot of options when it comes to styling. If there is graduated sizing with a particular three mirror set, consider placing them vertically in a line or clustering them together. You can also place them horizontally over a long dresser or behind a sofa. Square shaped wall mirror sets of three are particularly suited for horizontal placement.

What to look for in the best mirror sets

Look for mirror sets that reflect your style but also have the proportions to fill a certain wall in your home. You might use sets of four square or rectangular pieces to create an almost window-like design for some architectural interest. Or you might also divide up a mirror set and place the pieces strategically around a room. It can create a visual relationship that works to spread out light and break up the presence of other wall decor. In all cases, look for materials and styling that reflect similar pieces in your home - metals, woods, modern, ornate, round, or square. You want your mirrors to have a similar language to the elements already in your space.

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