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Ideas & Advice

If you’re like many homeowners, you’ve spent a good amount of time planning and creating your interior lighting design. It’s important to keep in mind that residential exterior environments benefit from thoughtful lighting design just as much as interiors. The benefits of outdoor lighting are numerous and can make a big impact on the atmosphere of exterior locations like porches, gazebos and patios. You can create a stylish and inviting entryway or outdoor entertainment area by installing an outdoor ceiling light or outdoor flush mount light. It’s simple to make a porch area more enjoyable using porch ceiling lights.

Finding the Perfect Outdoor Ceiling Light

When you’re remodeling your home, or simply giving it an upgrade, it’s the perfect time to give your outdoor spaces some attention as well. By creating warm ambiance on your porch or patio, you enhance the livability of those areas while raising the value of your home. Outdoor ceiling lights come in all shapes, sizes and colors. From contemporary and modern to transitional and traditional, it’s easy to find the exact style and look to complement your outdoor space.

Creating Ambience with an Outdoor Flush Mount Light

Outdoor flush mount lights are a type of lighting fixture that installs fully against the ceiling without any gap. Unlike chandeliers, semi-flush mounts and foyer lanterns, a flush mount outdoor light does not require any rods or chains to hold it in place. An outdoor flush mount ceiling light is one of the most common types of exterior home lights and has numerous benefits. They seamlessly integrate into your home’s exterior spaces and look seamless in their delivery of ambience. Compared to dangling lanterns, they offer a higher level of safety, especially from the elements like wind that can blow a lantern. Outdoor flush mount ceiling lights are also easier to clean than lights that have hanging elements.

Adding Drama with Porch Ceiling Lights

Your home’s porch enhances its overall personality while providing your family a practical outdoor space with a degree of security. As such, well-designed and placed outdoor ceiling porch lights are an important element of the porch space. Stylish and versatile, a flush mount porch light can add beauty and security to your home’s exterior, while providing bright light over a wide area. Outdoor ceiling lights for the porch come in hundreds of styles, sizes and LED options. When installed on your ceiling, front porch ceiling lights can make the lighting seamless and functional, allowing you to entertain family and friends without ever having to worry about a lack of proper illumination.

Popular Styles of Exterior Ceiling Lights

If you're still defining the look of your home's exterior, you might be starting way back at the basics – style. With apparent differences between traditional, transitional, contemporary and modern options, the look you choose will reflect a different sentiment and aesthetic. Below you'll find a quick guide to some of the discernable differences between these pillars of style.

Traditional style outdoor ceiling lights often feature finishes of polished brass, antique brass, Grecian bronze, or traditional white or black finishes. Featuring characteristic attention to detail, ornate motifs, and ample use of curved lines, these fixtures are nostalgic with strong nods to the past. From the world of transitional styles, you will see more seeded glass, finishes of oil rubbed bronze, bronze with copper fusions, aged bronze, and a rich tapestry of different black and bronze hues to name a few. These fixtures are generally more versatile and will match most existing styles with ease. Contemporary and modern outdoor ceiling lights will employ different materials and finishes like weathered pewter, matte black, brushed nickel or deep bronze and generally commit to either soft, rounded lines or sharp, stark angles.

Revamping Curb Appeal with Outdoor Ceiling Lighting
When it comers to outdoor lighting, as a homeowner you have many options from which to choose. As you take stock of your current design style, your use of exterior spaces and your particular needs when it comes to the specific type of lighting you require to light your outdoor environment, it’s a good idea to keep in mind how outdoor ceiling lights will help you. Know that whether you go with outdoor flush mount lights, porch ceiling lights, motion sensor outdoor ceiling lights or any other type of outdoor light, you’re making a wise investment in your home that will enhance the way you, your family and friends enjoy your time together.

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