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If you thought that outdoor lighting was limited to walls and landscape, then think again. Our outdoor floor lamps are practical and smart additions to your outdoor space and add a punch to your outdoor decor. Whether you love hosting late night parties at home or prefer the relaxing outdoors on warm summer evenings, outdoor lamps make your space more inviting and provide ample light through the night. Modern outdoor table lamps are best kept on accent or dining tables and offer fun and accent lighting while keeping your outdoors well light. What more, these lamps are portable, which means that you can move them and redecorate your space in less than seconds.

Styles of Popular Outdoor Floor Lamps

Apart from their portable feature, outdoor floor lamps appeal to a variety of outdoor design styles. While entertaining guests in your back patio, an outdoor patio floor lamp will work great to carry the decor style from your indoors to the outdoors. We curate a variety of styles to help you choose the right outdoor floor lamp for your home. Be it transitional, contemporary or rustic, we have the perfect outdoor lamps that can work as unexpected elements of surprise in your exterior design setting. Transitional styled decks and patios will greatly benefit from outdoor floor lights that come in simple and classical forms or the floor lamps with clean geometric base. To enhance your contemporary setting, you may prefer the warm light from artfully woven wire mesh floor lamps that are great on form and texture.

When styles are linked to time periods in history and history tends to repeat itself, the characteristics of a particular style mostly borders on blur. Though Rustic and Early American periods are separated by at least a century, the furnishing design styles can be inter used to create a wow effect in your decor. In the same way transition and contemporary outdoor floor lamps too can be used in either of the decor styles to add a twist to your setting.

Styles of Popular Outdoor Table Lamps

Your outdoor lamps are probably the first thing your visitors will notice in your outdoor space, so it is vital that you step up your outdoor lighting game. Fresh or antique designs of outdoor table lamp can make your porch or patio stand out distinctively. Outdoor table lamps for patios are exclusively designed to add an unexpected way to decorate your outdoor space. While traditional outdoor lamps bring refinement and appeal to your setting, the modern designs are bold and add the much required punch of character.

Contemporary outdoor table lights go extremely well with contemporary decks and patios and make your space inviting and encourages visitors to linger on long after the party is over. For a dash of unique designs, you will appreciate our modern collection that is exceptional in style and versatile in design. And if you are looking for energy efficient outdoor table lamps, then you will find a friend in our LED outdoor lamp collection that will help you save considerably in the long run. You can pair the outdoor table lamps with other outdoor fixtures that are designed for popular styles to bring cohesion to your space. We carry outdoor table lights in every style to revitalize the look of your outdoors with elegance and panache.

Unique Designs of Outdoors Lamps

Outdoor lamps offer a remarkable change from the general outdoor lighting schemes mainly because of the unusual choice. While scones and wall lanterns are the usual outdoor lighting options, outdoor table lamps bring in their own quirkiness to your setting. What more, a unique outdoor lamp will be all set to get conversations rolling. These lamps add the touch of practical as well as bring in warmth and style to your outdoor space and make the area ready for entertaining, dining or simply lounging. Outdoor lamps are a great way to make the outdoor space such as balcony, decks and patio an extension of your home.

These designer outdoor lamps, with their novel shapes and designs bring their particular flavor to your outdoor space. Light up the night with our outdoor lamps such as shown here, that put quality and aesthetics over the top. With unexpected designs, these lights are a wonderful way to highlight the surrounding landscape, while adding a bold style element into your outdoors. You will no longer have to go indoors just because the sun has set. Designed specifically for outdoor use, these outdoor lamps give your space a whole new life after dark. What is not to love about these lamps?

Patio Lamps for Every Style

Ambience, mood setting or actual functional lighting, outdoor patio lamps are a great way to enhance your outdoor space. Our assortment of patio lamps is available in a wide variety of options to suit any style of backyard entertaining. With so many options of patio lamps to choose from, there is no single reason of practicality and style you need to settle on. If your outdoor is spacious, why not look for outdoor patio lamps to mix of styles, let’s say a contemporary table gets a dash of modern patio lamps.

An outdoor couch or coffee table in transitional style will love our outdoor patio lamps in traditional finish to bring out the elegance of your space. A single patio lamp atop a buffet table will enhance the food served and make it more welcoming to your guests. Depending on the limitations of your lighting needs, a single or multiple styled outdoor patio lamps will serve the absolute function of an indoor lamp. We also carry battery operated outdoor patio lamps that are highly portable and come without the hassle of wiring. Make your patio or terrace a true extension of your indoors with our wide collection of outdoor lamps for patio.

Whether it is patio lights or for the terrace, we provide the right lighting that will truly bring out the style that is personal to you and one that is always ready to delight. Always determine the size of the outdoor lamp and imagine it to the proportion of your space before making a choice. You may also refine your choices based on the color and brightness along with other design elements. From large and grand to simple and functional, outdoor lamps these days come in designs that everybody will love. We curate outdoor lamps specifically to enhance the architectural features of your home’s exterior and help you create an extra room to your home.

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