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Outdoor Post Lighting Advice & Info

Create a welcoming entrance to your home and office with an outdoor post light. These lamp posts can be decorated for every holiday: wrap yours in pine needles and ribbons for Christmas or surround it with haybales and pumpkins for the fall. During the summer, you can train climbing plants to wrap around the pole. However, outdoor post lights will serve your yard well beyond the decorating opportunities.

Outdoor Lamp Posts Add Ambiance

Don’t put away the cornhole and horseshoes immediately after Labor Day! As summer fades and the days get shorter, friends and family can still play yard games with the help of a lamp post, and you don’t have to limit your entertainment to indoors.

Into October, the crisp autumn air invites you to stay outside around a fire or under a blanket despite the darkness. Outdoor post light fixtures solve that problem by spreading light around the space, providing a cozy atmosphere for apple cider and fireside conversations.

If you’re planning the landscape lighting around an office, your employees or coworkers will appreciate the added light on their way to the parking lot during the winter months. While a floodlight is effective, outdoor post light fixtures placed around a parking area will help each person see clearly in different areas of the lot. The fixtures also make a standard parking lot more charming.

Choosing the Best Outdoor Post Lights for Your Space

Many homeowners spend time designing their landscaping plans for curb appeal during the daylight hours, but your home or office will stand out from the rest with effective outdoor lighting beyond a utilitarian flood light. In addition to path lights or up-lights, lamp posts can provide an enchanting element to your outdoor design plans.

Most landscape lighting is low to the ground, lighting the walkway up to your doorway. Lamp posts can be the next step that draws the eye towards your home. If placed near the front door, the wide light will display the house numbers and your porch décor, as well as highlight any outdoor statues included in the yard.

Do you already have outdoor benches or seating areas in the space? During the day, this might be a great lunch spot for your office, but you can make the space more inviting in the evening by highlighting the feature with your lamp post. This will also ensure that guests see any obstacles clearly when walking across the yard in the dark.

Lamp Post Specifics

Designers recommend your light fixture be ¼ of the pole height, and the pole should be between 5.5 and 6.5 feet. You’ll also want to stabilize the pole by extending it about two feet below the ground. Hire an electrician to help run wires out to the pole, and you may be able to complete the installation yourself once you have the wiring available.

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