Prestige Regal Collection 24 Inch Train Rack Towel Shelf, Antique Bronze

• Add a stylish touch to your bathroom with this elegant train rack towel shelf. Our versatile design makes efficient use of your space. This elegant train rack is created from the finest solid brass materials. Our high quality designer finishes are hand polished to perfection.
• Crafted of the finest solid brass materials
• Antique Bronze, a cool metallic brown color darkened to simulate a vintage look
• Easy installation with included mounting hardware
• Available in a variety of lifetime designer finishes
• Space saving and versatile design
• Assembled in the USA
• Cleaning instructions: Only use Water or Windex. Other products will ruin the finish.

Bellacor Number
14"W x 12"H
12.0 Lbs
Antique Bronze

Interior Dry
Allied Brass
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