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Open Arms Gold Crop by Avery Tillmon, 22 In. x 22 In. Framed Art
Breathe life into your decor with the glowing gold tones of autumn leaves with this landscape piece by Avery Tillmon. Soft, subtle and delicately beautiful, it will bring a touch of style, grace and elegance to any decor.

• Item Material: Wood, Gallery quality acrylic
• Framed art is made using solid wood molding
• Finished art piece is professionally handcrafted in Madison, Wisconsin
• Art is finished with gallery quality acrylic glazing, fade resistant inks, and is dry-mounted to prevent rippling
• Ready to hang for easy installation
• Framed art and mat selections have been hand-chosen by designers and custom made to enhance the artwork
• Care Instructions: It's easy to maintain the high optical clarity and protective qualities of your print's gallery-quality protective covering: Simply dust the frame and protective acrylic glazing with a soft rag or duster to remove surface dust. Then apply on a mild soap solution using a spray bottle, or moisten a sponge or soft rag. To avoid damage to your acrylic glazing, do not use abrasive soaps or any commercial glass cleaner that contains ammonia or alcohol. Wipe the surface gently with a moist sponge or soft rag. Dry with a soft, lint-free rag.
• Country of Origin: USA

Bellacor Number
21.88"W x 21.88"H
4.0 Lbs

Interior Dry
Amanti Art
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