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Colonial Gold Bathroom Vanity Wall Mirror

Give your wall or bathroom the finishing touch with this framed, wall mounted mirror. An Amanti Art mirror holds its value with premium finishing that you can appreciate up close. This mirror features a classic frame with an antique silver to gold toned panel surface and dramatic, raised edges. Bronze lines run throughout the satin finish. To position your mirror properly for use in the bathroom, hang it so your reflection fits in the center. A wall mirror can make your space appear larger and more inviting, especially if its a well-placed foyer or living room mirror. Hang it at eye level or position it so it reflects other home decor elements in the room. Amanti Art is headquartered in Madison, WI and provides high quality, handmade framed art, mirrors and organization boards for your home improvement projects. Our home decor products are made using traditional custom framing techniques that give you the kind of quality you'd expect from your local frame shop. Because of our focus on workmanship, our products are used by architects, developers, interior designers and homeowners alike to create beautiful functional living spaces. @ Colonial Gold Bathroom Vanity Wall Mirror @ Features a Colonial Light Gold 3.25-Inch frame @ Mirror features premium 1-Inch beveled glass for a clear, undistorted image @ Durable hanging wires attached to the back to hang vertically or horizontally, along with a hanging hook and nail @ All our mirrors for walls and bathroom spaces are hand made in Madison, WI @ Assembly Not Required

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