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Montana Lacquered Nightstand w/ Shelf

@ One of the first rustic furniture pieces designed and built by Montana Woodworks®, this nightstand design has more than proven it's ability to stand the test of time. The simple, yet durable nightstand will bring rustic elegance to any room of your home. Handcrafted of solid lodge pole pine by our artisans, this highly useful accent table is just the right way to make a statement. Next to your log bed or as an end table in your home or office, you simply cannot go wrong. Comes fully assembled. 20-year limited warranty included at no additional charge. @ Handcrafted by the artisans of Montana Woodworks®, the Montana Collection features solid, U.S. grown wood and lodge pole pine accents that are skip peeled by hand with old-fashioned draw knives for a one of a kind look you will be proud to own. Made in Montana, U.S.A.! @ Hand Crafted in Montana U.S.A. @ Solid, U.S. grown wood @ Skip-peeled by hand using old fashioned draw knives. @ Heirloom Quality @ 20 Year Limited Warranty - See Packaging for details @ Durable Build, Fit and Finish @ Each Piece Signed By The Artisan Who Makes It @ Solid Wood, Edge Glued Panels @ Solid Lodge Pole Pine Legs @ MWTBV, MWFBV, MWQBV, MWKBV, MWCAKBV, MWBBV, MWBBTFV, MWDBNTV, MWDBTV @ Read "Use and Care Instructions". @ "All log furniture is subject to the natural process of "checking". Checking or cracking occurs when the wood releases moisture during the natural drying process and often occurs across the annual growth rings. Checking does not affect the structural performance or the integrity of the wood. Checking is NOT a defect in log furniture."


Bellacor Number
20"W x 25"H x 20"D
25.0 Lbs

Montana Woodworks