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Da Vinci Stainless Steel 18-Light Crystal Swarovski Strass Pendant Light, 18W x 18H x 18D

@ Swarovski Strass: Swarovski Strass is the premium brand for finest crystal Strass manufactured by Swarovski. Available in a myriad of colors, effects, shapes and sizes, these Strass provide a fabulous palette of inspiration for designers in the lighting industry and interior design, as well as in the worlds of fashion, jewelry and accessories. Swarovski Strass have been the designers’ choice since 1895. @ From the Vitruvian Man to the Mona Lisa, Leonardo da Vinci called on advanced mathematics to create masterful works of art. This same principle is at the core of the Da Vinci Swarovski Strass Pendant. A magnificent sphere of light is formed by hundreds of lead-free crystal octagons coming together in geometric harmony. @ Cleaning and Care Instructions: Every Schonbek product is of heirloom quality and will last for generations. To ensure it retains its brilliance and splendor for years to come, proper care and regular cleaning are necessary. It is recommended that Schonbek products, and particularly their crystal trim, be lightly dusted with a feather or lambs wool duster, or soft brush every two months, or whenever it appears dull or dusty. Consult the fixtures trim diagram for detailed cleaning instructions list of approved cleaning solutions. Schonbeck fixtures should never be subjected to any chemical cleaning agents. @ This fixture uses a standard line volt dimmer. @ Includes 144-inches of wire and 144-inches of chain for hanging. @ Bulbs are not included. @ See packaging insert for warranty information. @ For shipping outside of USA, please contact Bellacor customer service.


Bellacor Number
18"W x 18"H x 18"Ext x 18"D
18 - 40 watt G9 Halogen bulbs
33.0 Lbs

Stainless Steel
Interior Dry