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Silver 12-Inch Downrod
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Bellacor Number:
Minka Aire
Brand SKU:

Color/Finish Options: Bahama Beige: 12-Inch, Bahama Beige: 18-Inch, Bahama Beige: 24-Inch, Bahama Beige: 48-Inch, Bahama Beige: 60-Inch, Bahama Beige: 72-Inch, Belacaro Walnut: 18-Inch, Belacaro Walnut: 24-Inch, Belacaro Walnut: 48-Inch, Belacaro Walnut: 60-Inch, Belacaro Walnut: 72-Inch, Black Iron: 12-Inch, Black Iron: 24-Inch, Black Iron: 36-Inch, Black Iron: 48-Inch, Black Iron: 60-Inch, Black Iron: 72-Inch, Black: 12-Inch, Black: 18-Inch, Black: 24-Inch, Black: 36-Inch, Black: 48-Inch, Black: 60-Inch, Black: 72-Inch, Brushed Nickel Wet: 12-Inch, Brushed Nickel Wet: 18-Inch, Brushed Nickel Wet: 24-Inch, Brushed Nickel Wet: 36-Inch, Brushed Nickel Wet: 48-Inch, Brushed Nickel Wet: 60-Inch, Brushed Nickel Wet: 72-Inch, Brushed Steel: 12-Inch, Brushed Steel: 18-Inch, Brushed Steel: 24-Inch, Brushed Steel: 36-Inch, Brushed Steel: 48-Inch, Brushed Steel: 60-Inch, Brushed Steel: 72-Inch, Cattera Bronze: 12-Inch, Cattera Bronze: 18-Inch, Cattera Bronze: 24-Inch, Cattera Bronze: 36-Inch, Cattera Bronze: 48-Inch, Cattera Bronze: 60-Inch, Cattera Bronze: 72-Inch, Chrome: 12-Inch, Chrome: 18-Inch, Chrome: 24-Inch, Chrome: 36-Inch, Chrome: 48-Inch, Chrome: 60-Inch, Chrome: 72-Inch, Craftsman: 12-Inch, Craftsman: 18-Inch, Craftsman: 24-Inch, Craftsman: 48-Inch, Craftsman: 60-Inch, Dark Brushed Bronze: 12-Inch, Dark Brushed Bronze: 18-Inch, Dark Brushed Bronze: 24-Inch, Dark Brushed Bronze: 36-Inch, Dark Brushed Bronze: 48-Inch, Dark Brushed Bronze: 60-Inch, Dark Brushed Bronze: 72-Inch, Dark Restoration Bronze: 12-Inch, Dark Restoration Bronze: 18-Inch, Dark Restoration Bronze: 24-Inch, Dark Restoration Bronze: 36-Inch, Dark Restoration Bronze: 48-Inch, Dark Restoration Bronze: 60-Inch, Dark Restoration Bronze: 72-Inch, Flat White: 12-Inch, Flat White: 18-Inch, Flat White: 24-Inch, Flat White: 36-Inch, Flat White: 48-Inch, Flat White: 60-Inch, Flat White: 72-Inch, French Beige: 12-Inch, French Beige: 18-Inch, French Beige: 24-Inch, French Beige: 36-Inch, French Beige: 48-Inch, French Beige: 60-Inch, French Beige: 72-Inch, Heritage: 12-Inch, Heritage: 18-Inch, Heritage: 24-Inch, Heritage: 36-Inch, Heritage: 48-Inch, Heritage: 60-Inch, Heritage: 72-Inch, Iron Oxide: 12-Inch, Iron Oxide: 18-Inch, Iron Oxide: 36-Inch, Iron Oxide: 48-Inch, Iron Oxide: 60-Inch, Iron Oxide: 72-Inch, Liquid Nickel: 12-Inch, Liquid Nickel: 18-Inch, Liquid Nickel: 24-Inch, Liquid Nickel: 36-Inch, Liquid Nickel: 48-Inch, Liquid Nickel: 60-Inch, Mahogany: 12-Inch, Mahogany: 18-Inch, Mahogany: 48-Inch, Mahogany: 60-Inch, Mahogany: 72-Inch, Maple: 12-Inch, Maple: 18-Inch, Maple: 24-Inch, Maple: 36-Inch, Maple: 48-Inch, Maple: 60-Inch, Maple: 72-Inch, Molted Copper with Gold, Molted Copper with Gold: 36-Inch, Molted Copper with Gold: 60-Inch, Molted Copper with Gold: 72-Inch, Mossoro Walnut: 12-Inch, Mossoro Walnut: 18-Inch, Mossoro Walnut: 24-Inch, Mossoro Walnut: 36-Inch, Mossoro Walnut: 48-Inch, Mossoro Walnut: 60-Inch, Mossoro Walnut: 72-Inch, Oil Rubbed Bronze: 24-Inch, Oil Rubbed Bronze: 36-Inch, Oil Rubbed Bronze: 48-Inch, Oil Rubbed Bronze: 60-Inch, Oil Rubbed Bronze: 72-Inch, Patina Iron: 12-Inch, Patina Iron: 18-Inch, Patina Iron: 24-Inch, Patina Iron: 36-Inch, Patina Iron: 48-Inch, Patina Iron: 60-Inch, Patina Iron: 72-Inch, Pewter: 12-Inch, Pewter: 18-Inch, Pewter: 24-Inch, Pewter: 36-Inch, Pewter: 48-Inch, Pewter: 60-Inch, Pewter: 72-Inch, Polished Nickel: 12-Inch, Polished Nickel: 18-Inch, Polished Nickel: 24-Inch, Polished Nickel: 36-Inch, Polished Nickel: 48-Inch, Polished Nickel: 60-Inch, Polished Nickel: 72-Inch, Provencal Blanc: 12-Inch, Provencal Blanc: 18-Inch, Provencal Blanc: 24-Inch, Provencal Blanc: 36-Inch, Provencal Blanc: 48-Inch, Provencal Blanc: 60-Inch, Provencal Blanc: 72-Inch, Red: 12-Inch, Red: 24-Inch, Red: 36-Inch, Red: 48-Inch, Red: 60-Inch, Red: 72-Inch, Restoration Bronze: 12-Inch, Restoration Bronze: 18-Inch, Restoration Bronze: 24-Inch, Restoration Bronze: 36-Inch, Restoration Bronze: 48-Inch, Restoration Bronze: 60-Inch, Restoration Bronze: 72-Inch, Shell White: 12-Inch, Shell White: 18-Inch, Shell White: 24-Inch, Shell White: 36-Inch, Shell White: 48-Inch, Shell White: 60-Inch, Shell White: 72-Inch, Silver: 12-Inch, Silver: 18-Inch, Silver: 36-Inch, Silver: 48-Inch, Silver: 60-Inch, Silver: 72-Inch, Sterling/Golden Walnut: 12-Inch, Sterling/Golden Walnut: 18-Inch, Sterling/Golden Walnut: 24-Inch, Sterling/Golden Walnut: 36-Inch, Sterling/Golden Walnut: 48-Inch, Sterling/Golden Walnut: 72-Inch, Tuscan Patina: 12-Inch, Tuscan Patina: 18-Inch, Tuscan Patina: 24-Inch, Tuscan Patina: 36-Inch, Tuscan Patina: 48-Inch, Tuscan Patina: 72-Inch, Vintage Rust: 12-Inch, Vintage Rust: 18-Inch, Vintage Rust: 24-Inch, Vintage Rust: 36-Inch, Vintage Rust: 48-Inch, Vintage Rust: 72-Inch, Volterra Bronze: 12-Inch, Volterra Bronze: 18-Inch, Volterra Bronze: 24-Inch, Volterra Bronze: 36-Inch, Volterra Bronze: 48-Inch, Volterra Bronze: 72-Inch
Dimension Options:
  • 0 3/4"W x 12"H x 0.2"Ext
  • 0 3/4"W x 12"H x 0.75"L x 0.2"Ext
  • 0 3/4"W x 18"H x 0.2"Ext
  • 0 3/4"W x 24"H x 0.2"Ext
  • 0 3/4"W x 24"H x 0.75"L x 0.2"Ext
  • 0 3/4"W x 36"H
  • 0 3/4"W x 36"H x 0.2"Ext
  • 0 3/4"W x 48"H
  • 0 3/4"W x 48"H x 0.2"Ext
  • 0 3/4"W x 48"H x 0.75"L x 0.2"Ext
  • 0 3/4"W x 60"H
  • 0 3/4"W x 60"H x 0.2"Ext
  • 0 3/4"W x 60"H x 0.75"L x 0.2"Ext
  • 0 3/4"W x 72"H
  • 0 3/4"W x 72"H x 0.2"Ext




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