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Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting, or can lighting, refers to small round lights that are each installed in a hollow spot in the ceiling. These lights shine downward in a concentrated spot and help make ceilings look taller. They’re the perfect ambient light source without being distracting.

Recessed lights are made up of two parts: the housing and the trim. The housing refers to the part behind the ceiling, and the trim is the visible elements outside of the ceiling.

If you’re in the market for new recessed lighting, explore this guide that goes over the following:
  • Types of recessed lights
  • Recessed lights by style
  • Recessed light covers
  • What is can lighting
  • The perfect recessed lights for a bright house
  • Can lights that are stylish and functional
  • Recessed lighting that will open up your home
  • FAQs about recessed lights

Types of Recessed Lights

Recessed lighting is growing in popularity, especially for its ability to make a room appear bigger. They have about a 4-inch to 6-inch diameter and provide unobstructive illumination. Keep the following factors in mind when shopping for recessed lighting.

First, the type of housing is one of the first things you should look at before buying a fixture. The housing is the part of the fixture that’s installed directly on the wall or ceiling. The light bulb is mounted in the housing.

There are several housing types available:
  • New construction housing is placed before ceilings are installed in new homes or when adding a new room.
  • Remodel housing can be installed onto an existing ceiling.
  • Insulation contact (IC) housing can make direct contact with insulation.
  • Non-IC housing needs to have at least three inches of clearance from insulation.
  • Airtight housing decreases the airflow between the unconditioned space above, typically an attic, and the conditioned room below.
  • Shallow ceiling housing is installed in ceilings with 2-inch-by-6-inch joists.
  • Slope ceiling housing allows room for the light to be angled in sloped ceilings. Double check the angles before buying.

The type of trim is the second factor you should consider before buying lights. Trim is meant to conceal the recessed fixture behind them. There are several different trims to choose from, including baffle, reflector, gimbal, wall wash, and shower.

Baffle trims are perfect for producing a softer glow and decreasing eye strain. The ridges on this trim help reduce glare from recessed light bulbs. We recommend installing them in living rooms, entryways, and foyers.

Reflector trims, on the other hand, provide brighter and more vibrant illumination. The finish on these trims amplifies the light beam on recessed lighting. We recommend installing them in kitchens and rooms with higher ceilings.

Gimbal trims help direct downlight and work well for accent walls or on sloped ceilings. Similarly, wall wash trims tilt and rotate. However, they provide a larger range of motion than gimbal trims. They work best in highlighting artwork on gallery and display walls.

Lastly, shower trims, also known as ceiling mount trims, are resistant to moisture. They are wet location rated, making them perfect for bathrooms. This trim can be installed above a bathroom vanity and in shower stalls and in shower stalls.

Recessed Lights by Style

Once you’ve settled on the perfect housing and trim, it’s time to think about recessed lighting styles. It’s best to choose styles that work well with your existing décor and furnishings.

For example, modern recessed lighting focuses on a sleek and stylish trim design. We recommend picking trims with neutral colors. Similarly, contemporary recessed lighting provides a clean, smooth look and uses natural colors.

On the other hand, traditional recessed lighting is calming and welcoming. Warm colors and wood trims are common elements of this style. In addition, rustic recessed lighting is perfect for a log cabin home. This type of style is nature-inspired and incorporates earthy colors.

Recessed Light Covers

Recessed light covers, also known as trim rings, aren’t solely for aesthetics. They cover the area where the downlight and ceiling join together to create a clean look.

The material and color of your trim should pair well with your room. Consider choosing a thin trim with the same color as your ceiling if your main goal is to illuminate a certain area. If you want to draw focus to your ceiling, choose a trim finish that makes a statement.

What is Can Lighting?

Can lights, or recessed lights, are installed in an opening in the ceiling. They are flush with the ceiling and don’t take up any visible room space.

Can lighting works best in spaces that need lots of light but lack enough room for hanging fixtures.

The Perfect Recessed Lights for a Bright Home

Recessed lights are an excellent way to increase your home’s illumination while showcasing your favorite design features and accent pieces. At Bellacor, we offer decorative recessed lights in a wide variety of styles.

From contemporary LEDs to vintage-inspired can lights, these essential fixtures illuminate any room of your choosing in sleek, sophisticated ways. Browse our complete assortment of recessed lights from best-selling brands like Halo recessed lights to discover the perfect designs for you and your needs.

Can Lights That Are Stylish and Functional

At Bellacor, our collection of recessed ceiling lighting and recessed can lights marries style and function by creating a clean, streamlined look throughout your home. These understated luminaries are ideal for places that need extra illumination for daily tasks, such as kitchen countertops, bathroom mirrors, and workspaces.

They’re also a smart choice for smaller rooms and can make tight spaces look and feel much larger than they actually are without extra clutter. Use them over bookshelves, wall art, or a decorative wall sculpture to highlight your favorite accents, or add them to rooms where lighting and space are a bit limited. We even carry recessed lights that can be installed on sloped ceilings in addition to adjustable fixtures and wet-rated options.

Recessed Lighting That Will Open Up Your Home

Recessed lights have the ability to open up spaces in your home so that they look and feel roomier in an instant. Even better, our designs come in a wide range of finishes, shapes, bodies, and trims, so the sky (or ceiling) really is the limit!

Baffle trims help reduce glare and are a popular choice for larger spaces like living rooms, dining rooms, and dens. Looking for recessed lighting for kitchen areas, accent cabinets, or workspaces instead? Try lighting strips or recessed lighting covers with reflector trims to maximize a room’s overall illumination.

Our assortment of LED recessed lights and LED can lighting offers an energy-saving alternative to halogen bulbs, which makes for a practical and economic option many homeowners may want to consider. We also carry recessed lighting kits for added convenience. These all-in-one sets make installation a breeze and come with everything you need for the job at hand.

FAQs About Recessed Lights

What is recessed lighting?

Recessed lights, or can lights, are installed directly into the ceiling or wall. They offer directional lighting to help complete any task.

What are the benefits of 4-inch LED recessed lighting?

Four-inch LED recessed lights are considered modern due to their compact size. They also have more trim options (such as gimbal trims) and are used for task and accent lighting.

What are the benefits of 6-inch LED recessed lighting? Six-inch LED recessed lights work better in mid-size and large rooms. They have a higher lumen output than 4-inch LED recessed lighting. These lights also have a wide beam angle suited for general lighting.

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