10 Tips for Buying Art Online

10 Tips to Buying Art Online

Are you looking to buy art? Well it’s never been easier to buy affordable art online. Amitai Sasson, VP of Marketing of overstockArt explains how to buy art online with these ten simple tips:

Floral Tree Branches Wall Art

1. Choose art from the heart!

Sometimes you find art and sometimes art finds you. If a work of art causes you to smile, linger, gasp or be inspired, then you have made a spontaneous emotional connection. If you find an artwork that you can’t stop thinking about, chances are it is meant to be in your life.

2. Be confident

Buy art for yourself and because you love it, not because you think others will like it. Visitors come and go however you will live with that artwork every day. Have the confidence to express yourself with the art you choose.

Wooden Frame Art for Red Walls

3. Trust you will find the perfect spot

It’s a mistake to buy art to fit your interior or a particular wall. If you move or redecorate then the painting you matched with the sofa or chose for the position may not work anymore. Speaking from experience, if you love it, there will always be a spot for it.

4. Move your art around

Each season (or at least once a year), swap your art around from wall to wall, room to room. It’s a fun way to refresh and reinvigorate your home. You’ll find artworks can look quite different once moved so experiment and you’ll soon be appreciating your collection all over again.

5. When framing, make the artwork the hero

Framing needs to create an overall harmony with the artwork it holds. It should neither dominate nor underwhelm. Well-considered, quality framing will add value to your overall investment. Call overstockArt décor assistance services at 1-866-686-1888 and we would be happy to assist you with framing suggestions.

6. It’s ok to be eclectic

Creating a diverse art collection is inspiring and unpredictable. Why not pair a hand painted Monet rendition with a contemporary modern work? Mix it up and make up your own rules.

Wall Art for Contemporary Modern Style Living Room

7. Use good lighting

Position lamps, rotate down lights, track lights, and specific  to highlight artwork and create an inviting atmosphere in your home. If renovating or building, talk to the architect and electrician about your art (or future art collection) and how to use lighting to display it to its fullest.

8. Create your own artworks

Essentially, art is human expression finding form, so give form to your real life! Hang your children’s drawings or create a montage, turn an old photo into a living, breathing oil-on-canvas, or give your little one’s creation pride of place on your hallstand. Be creative – it doesn’t need to last a lifetime; but you can enjoy it for the while.

9. Give the gift of art

Giving art can be a perfect symbol of friendship, love or gratitude. Or be on the receiving end by asking family and friends to contribute towards an artwork you have selected to celebrate a special occasion.

10. Buy art online and start today

When you buy art you have the security of a 100% satisfaction money back guarantee, we even pay for the return shipping. With a diverse range of artists to choose from you can take your time to browse in comfort then confidently select an artwork that both fits your budget and tugs at your heart. You can even ask us for suggestions. It takes just one piece then you are on your way.

Red White Blue Flowers with Pot Wall Art

Amitai Sasson is the VP of Marketing of overstockArt, an online art gallery specializing in hand painted renditions of famous artists and hand painted recreations of up-and-coming artists from the company’s growing Artist Become Artist Community with a mission is to make hand painted oils accessible to everyone and turn buying art online to an easy and fun experience through partners such as Bellacor.

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