Candleholders for Every Style

Candleholders for Every Style

If you’re like me, candles are a must have decorative accessory in your home. They are a charming way to quickly add ambience and warmth to any space. However, I sometimes struggle with choosing the right candleholder or candle lantern to fit the style and feel of my home. There are so many types and styles of candleholders I could chat about it forever, so I’m going to highlight a few of the styles and designs that caught my attention.

Contemporary Style – Usually boasts clean lines, a smooth and polished surface with a few intricate details.  Contemporary design is considered comfortable, spacious and clutter free.  The Siam Small Wall-Mount Candleholder Sculpture pictured below is a great way to add wall décor and candlelit ambience to a room in one décor piece.

Country Style –
You can consider country style a casual, comfortable and lived in look.  The design style is usually cozy and charming with more practical and useful décor elements.  Don’t be afraid to dig in your attic, scour a rummage sale or go antiquing to find candleholders and lanterns to fit this style.  My personal favorite is the Silver Star Lanterns pictured below.  They are quaint, county and completely irresistible!

American Rustic / Lodge Style – Those of you that love the mountain lodge wilderness feel, this design aesthetic is for you!  With the stress of today’s fast paced society, rustic design brings you back to a slower, calmer and more relaxed lifestyle.  When picking out a candleholder, look for natural elements (woods, stones and metals) to complete your look.   The next step is to light your candles, put your feet up and relax in your lodge inspired room.

Romantic Style – It’s the dead of winter in Minnesota and I love the thought of a warm candlelit bath or retreating to my master bedroom for a little R&R.  Whether I’m creating romantic ambience in my master bedroom, bathroom or any room in my house, here are a few tips I always keep in mind.  Focus on a few items with graceful curves, adding a little sparkle and shine adds to the design depth.  Make sure your color scheme contains softer tones, which are conducive to rest.  Most of all make the space a comfy place you’re going to love to relax, day in and day out.

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