Create a Cozy Room with a Throw

Create a Cozy Room with a Throw

Winter’s approaching which means it’s time to bundle up and get cozy! Even if you live in an area where snow storms are unheard of, warming up your interior design is a great way to combat the dropping temperatures and feel snug in your home. Creating a cozy environment doesn’t require you to spring for a new set of furniture. All you have to do is accessorize what you already have with a throw or two! Unlike the regular blankets you cover up in at night, a throw blanket is generally smaller and is meant to be used as décor. Of course, you can still use a throw (if it’s large enough) to cuddle up while watching a movie or whenever you need that extra layer of warmth.

Try using a throw in one of these three rooms:

Living Room

The living room is where people most often use throw blankets — it’s a place where family members like to relax and get comfortable. Drape a throw over one of your couches or chairs for added visual appeal and comfort. How you choose to fold and drape the throw blanket depend on its size and design, as well as the couch. Some have patterns that you’ll want to feature while others can be used to add a pop of color.

Throw blankets don’t have to be placed on the couch. If your wall is a little bare, hang up a decorative throw as if it were a piece of artwork. Throws that have a fringed edge are especially good for this purpose.


Your bed already has a comforter, but that doesn’t mean you can’t decorate it with a throw! If your bedspread is white or just lacking a fun design, fold a throw and hang it across the end of the bed. This simple addition will give your bedspread a whole new look.

Dining Room

Yes, you can use a throw even in the dining room! Simply switch out your table cloth for a throw made in warm colors to create a cozy dinner environment. Keep in mind that the blanket will eventually get stained so don’t use a throw that you want to have forever.

Get comfortable and cozy this winter and add a throw blanket to your décor!

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