Decorating Gold

4 Tips on Decorating with Gold

Gold as a Theme For Luxe Decor

It’s All in the Mix

If you have a room full of antiques, adding a few contemporary gold pieces of decor or lighting can make it instantly chic. Conversely, adding a gilt mirror with a vintage vibe has the same effect in a modern space. A gold bar cart is an excellent way to decorate an awkward corner of a room. This look is chic, sophisticated and very French.

Gold Clock & Table Lamps

Hitting The Halls

An entryway or a hallway is the perfect place to use wallpaper with a gold pattern. It’s luxurious, chic and you can go bolder when concentrating on one wall. From graphic prints, to artsy abstracts, the sky is the limit. If wallpaper is too much of a commitment, gold framed art or gold frames for photographs can be just as pretty. Be adventurous here, mistakes are easily fixable. Go Dramatic.

Gold Chandeliers, Wallpapers, Sconces, Hardware & Shelf Trays

Think of Hardware Like Jewelry

When you get dressed, first you put on your outfit, then you add earrings, a ring, a bracelet and a belt, right? Think of adding gold in the same way. Taking this approach provides something unexpectedly luxe to even the simplest objects…a door knob, dresser drawer pulls, key hooks,switch plates and towel bars are just the beginning. Add and edit hardware to suit your style just as you would with your fashion accessories.

Gold Kitchen Cabinet Hardware, Pulls & Knobs

Kitchen Party

If the party always ends up in the kitchen, why shouldn’t we add a touch of glam gold there, too? I am known for using gold in the kitchen. While some people initially  shudder when I say this, they’re often surprised after I show them the finished look. Nowadays, there are endless options to use gold in the kitchen. From lighting to plumbing fixtures and everything in between, gold adds a warm touch to a space that can sometimes feel a little sterile or blah. The days of brushed nickel as the standard rule are long gone.

Gold Kitchen Hardware & Lighting

The next time you get the urge to amp up your style at home, start with gold and you’re sure to love the winning results!

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Courtney Cachet

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