How to Hang a Gallery Wall

Your Guide to Hanging a Gallery Wall

  • Nothing brings people together quite like the holidays, and a well-styled gallery wall can become the perfect conversation starter for guests to enjoy. We’re sharing some quick and easy tips for creating a holiday gallery wall that wows.

    Step 1: Pick a theme

    First things first: You’ll want to choose a gallery wall theme that enhances your existing home decor. You’ll likely want something holiday-focused, but keep in mind you can incorporate Christmas decor in so many ways. From galvanized farmhouse accents to traditional plaid bows, pick a color scheme and a general style that works for the space. And of course, you can stick with a more traditional gallery wall and print family and friend photos or put up non-holiday-themed prints.

    Step 2: Consider the layout

    Next, you’ll want to plan your gallery wall layout. Do you want your pictures evenly placed or staggered? Do you want a large arrangement surrounded by floor vases and wreaths, or do you prefer a tight assortment of photos over an entryway table instead? If you’re unsure of how to place each item, consider using paper templates to eyeball the arrangement before you commit.

Step 3: Choose similar filters

One of the best ways to create a cohesive presentation is by using similar filters on your photographs. This little detail can have a huge impact on a gallery wall’s overall flow, and it pulls everything together in an instant.

Pro Tip: Not sure which filter to choose? When in doubt, opt for black and white or sepia depending on your surrounding décor.

Step 4: Use festive frames

While your frames don’t necessarily have to match, it’s important to choose designs that complement your overall theme. For a farmhouse gallery wall, you may want to use frames made of weathered wood. Going a more traditional route? Opt for a classic black. Whether you’re mixing metals or dreaming of an all-white Christmas display, it’s a good idea to plan your frames beforehand.

  • Step 5: Get creative with mats

    Calling all DIY enthusiasts! You don’t have to spend a fortune on home décor to create the perfect holiday gallery wall. Just use your creativity instead. Once you’ve selected your frames and printed your favorite photographs, it’s time to showcase them accordingly. While a plain white mat is always a do, don’t overlook using other mediums, as well. Surround your family photos in coordinating wrapping paper prints, scrapbook paper, or even burlap for a rustic statement.

    Step 6: Tie ribbon around the frames

    Once your photos are framed, it’s time for some embellishments. Holiday-themed plaid ribbons, rustic burlap and twine, and classic red bows all add a festive finishing touch to your overall presentation.

    Step 7: Add fun fillers

    When it comes to decorating a gallery wall, it’s all about finding the right balance and arranging your photos in perfect harmony. Strategically placed fillers can help achieve this visual symmetry in a fun, festive way. Add wreaths, buffalo check plates, garlands, a chalkboard sign, or letters that spell out a holiday greeting.

    Pro Tip: Short on festive decor? Hang up a holiday greeting card or wrapping paper in a frame.

  • Step 8: Include wall signs

    Strategically placed wall signs and art can work wonders in a gallery wall. From tin signs with holiday greetings to wooden crosses, there are countless styles to consider.

    Step 9: Think about lighting

    A well-designed gallery wall belongs in the spotlight — quite literally. At Bellacor, our assortment of picture lights and sconces is ideal for showcasing your photographs while brightening your home. Hang these luminous styles above your display to highlight your holiday memories.

    Step 10: Set the scene

    Don’t forget to style the surrounding area, as well! Strategically placed floor vases, wreaths, and lanterns can pull the entire scene together in an instant. Browse our complete assortment of holiday accents to get inspired.

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