Perfectly Paired Home Essentials

Matchmaking Home Decor Items

  • In the mood for a style refresh? Get ready to fall head over heels. From eternal soulmates to opposites that can’t help but attract, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite design combinations to help you find a match made in heaven. These power couples will have you saying those three little words: Buy them both!

1. Mirrors & Wall Sconces

When it comes to pairing up wall sconces and mirrors, it’s important to consider how you want the space to feel and feel. Choosing designs with similar shapes and finishes creates clean, crisp lines, while mixed hues and silhouettes can lend a more dramatic presentation overall.

Pro Tip: Many homes feature a mix of styles already, so consider this combination an opportunity to showcase two competing themes working together in perfect harmony. For instance, marry a farmhouse mirror with contemporary sconces, or frame a wooden mirror with metallic wall lights.

The Perfect Pair

2. Mirrors & Bath Vanities


are absolute must-haves for functional bathrooms, but they also make a major style statement all their own. Pair them with coordinating mirrors to create a focal point that’s sure to impress your guests.

Pro Tip: While you don’t need to limit yourself to a single metallic finish, it can help to stick with similar tones—think chrome and nickel or gold and brass.

The Perfect Pair

3. Mirrors & Bath Lighting

Getting ready in the morning is so much easier with great lighting, and the right fixtures can enhance your bathroom mirror, as well. Choose styles that complement one another thanks to similar finishes, and keep the look streamlined with pieces that blend together rather than those that compete.

Pro Tip: Struggling to find finishes that are a perfect match? A frameless mirror goes with any type of bath lighting and makes it easy to switch things up in the future.

The Perfect Pair

4. Dining Tables & Pendants/Chandeliers

While matching your dining table with a pendant or chandelier ultimately comes down to your preferred style, you’ll also want to make sure you choose an overhead fixture that supplies ample light for the table below it. Small tables may be fine with a small pendant light, while longer tables may require large chandeliers.

Pro Tip: Proportion is also key, so consider choosing a ceiling light that mimics the table’s size and shape. (Think lengthy rectangular tables paired with island pendants or round tables illuminated by overhead globes.)

The Perfect Pair

5. Side Tables & Table Lamps

Searching for the perfect side table/table lamp combination? Whether you’re decorating a living room or a bedroom, side tables are best served by lamps that suit their size. We also recommend allowing enough room for other essentials without overwhelming or cluttering the surface.

Pro Tip: Consider updating a neutral room with a side table and lamp duo that offers a subtle pop of color. From soft blues and grays to rich emerald greens, this is an excellent way to give a space some extra personality.

The Perfect Pair

6. Accent Chairs & Floor Lamps

Choosing a floor lamp to go with an accent chair comes down to more than just style. You’ll need a lamp that’s the right height for your chair and that accommodates the overall function of the space. Using the chair for a reading nook? Try a down-turned, adjustable light source. Using it for extra seating in a living room or den? A torchiere with upturned ambient light may suit the space best.

Pro Tip: Stick with pieces in the same color palette to make the space flow, or pair different textures (like leather chairs and linen shades) for more dimension.

The Perfect Pair

7. Picture Lighting & Wall Art

With picture lighting and wall art, feel free to play around for a more artistic presentation. Mix and match unexpected hues and finishes for extra visual flair, or use a simple picture light to illuminate a textured or especially busy piece.

The Perfect Pair

8. Outdoor Wall Lighting & Mailboxes

Your home’s exterior is yet another great spot to mix different hues and styles as you please. Sleek silver LED lights can bring vintage-inspired copper mailboxes into the present day, while ornate outdoor wall lights can bring out the best in basic mailbox designs.

The Perfect Pair

9. Dining Tables & Chairs

For dining room chairs and tables, it helps to choose shapes and silhouettes that mimic one another in their overall theme. You can do this matching sets, or you can get creative with unexpected pairings like concrete-topped dining tables and leather-backed chairs.

Pro Tip: It’s equally important to keep everything in scale. Make sure the chairs are the right height and width for the table and that the table can accommodate your seating needs.

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