Picking Out The Perfect Mailbox For Your Home

Picking Out The Perfect Mailbox For Your Home

  • How to Pick Perfect Mailbox for Outdoor Space?
  • You’ve mowed the lawn, planted flowers and painted the front door, yet something still seems off anytime you step outside. It might be the dull mailbox that’s diminishing your outdoor style. Being the practical accessory that it is, a mailbox often isn’t given much thought in regards to curb appeal. Plenty of sleek finishes and interesting designs, however, are available on the market today, and choosing the right one can enhance your yard’s overall appearance. Know your options and any restrictions before you start browsing by reading our quick guide below.

  • USPS rules and regulations

  • USPS Guidelines for Mailboxes
    Mailbox Guidelines (source: USPS.com)

Every mailbox has to receive the Postmaster General’s approval before it can be put on the market, which means any mailbox you can purchase online or in stores has been designed to meet the USPS regulations. When positioning your new mailbox, place it six to eight inches away from the curb and make sure the box is 41 to 45 inches above ground level.

Selecting a Mailbox Style

You have a choice between post-mounted and wall-mounted mailboxes, and each type comes in numerous different shapes and finishes. Post-mounted mailboxes, which are common in smaller communities and rural areas, often show traditional details like carved posts and have tunnel-like boxes attached. You can certainly find novelty designs or more square-shaped mailboxes if you prefer.

Wall-mounted mailboxes, designed to attach to your home’s exterior, can be found in designs ranging from antique to modern. If you choose a wall-mounted mailbox, make sure it’s installed with accessibility in mind.

Wall Mounted Mailboxes

Decorating Your Mailbox

  • Post Mount Mailbox Decoration in Garden

Consider planting flowers around the base of your mailbox post or draping vines over the top of the box. If placing any accessories or plants on top of the mailbox, be careful not to hide your address or obstruct the mailbox’s opening.

Decorative mailboxes bring both beauty and functionality to your outdoor space. Let the ideas above help you narrow your options and select the best style for your home.

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