Pretty Powder Room

How To Put Together A Pretty Powder Room

The holiday season has come to a close, but that doesn’t mean the party’s over. In fact, now is an excellent time to start prepping your home for future get-togethers with family and friends. We’re sharing how to put together a stylish powder room that’s sure to impress your guests.

What Is a Powder Room?

Powder rooms and bathrooms are very much alike, but powder rooms are traditionally more geared for guests. These spaces are generally smaller in size and lack a shower or bathtub. Instead, they simply offer a sink, toilet, and perhaps some storage for toiletries.

Powder Room Decor Ideas

11 Must-Haves for the Perfect Powder Room

1. Wallpaper

One of the best aspects of renovating a small space is that your workload is more manageable, and that’s especially true when it comes to wallpaper. Create a gorgeous backdrop with dainty floral prints, elegant metallic hues, or contrasting combinations of black and white. A bit commitment-phobic? Experiment with peel-and-stick removable designs instead.

2. Bath Lighting

Proper lighting is an essential component of bathrooms and powder rooms alike. Install bath bar lights, vanity lights, or wall sconces to brighten the room as you please. While you’re at it, look for design features that complement the room as a whole, from opal glass shades to metallic finishes in brushed nickel, brass, and smoked iron. Save on energy by using LED bulbs for your powder room lighting.

3. Flush and Semi-Flush Lighting

Flush and semi-flush light fixtures are ideal for lighting small spaces like powder rooms. Lend some warmth to the area with polished brass finishes, or keep things cool with the help of brushed nickel, white fabric shades, and crystal teardrop accents.

4. Mirrors

Give your guests a sight to behold with the perfect powder room mirror. Browse designs with beveled or scalloped edges for extra visual flair, or try one with a matte black frame to add contrast to all-white spaces. Short on space? Try hanging up a powder room mirror with built-in lights or shelves.

5. Small Vanities

In a powder room, the vanity is the main attraction. In other words, choose a design that truly suits the space as well as your personal sense of style. White marble or granite tops are both eye-catching options, while elegant gold faucets, teak wood bodies, and moody black finishes create focal points of their own.
Pretty Powder Bathroom Lighting, Floor & Wall Decor

6. Cozy Bath Rugs

While most powder rooms don’t feature tubs or showers, bath rugs are still helpful at creating a homier space for your guests to enjoy. Use a matching rug set or a single bath mat in front of the sink or powder room doorway to cozy up the room’s overall feel.

7. Bathroom Shelving

With powder rooms, space is typically at a premium—and that’s where racks and shelves come in. These organizational must-haves utilize empty wall space to keep toiletries readily available and display bathroom decor. Complement farmhouse rooms with shelves made of recycled wood, or keep things contemporary with metal or glass styles.

8. Towel Bars and Rings

Don’t leave your guests searching for a clean towel. Place a standing towel bar next to the powder room vanity, or hang a double towel stand on the wall so that your prettiest hand towels are always right within reach.

9. Linen Cabinets

Since powder rooms are generally small in size, they can look cluttered quite easily. Linen towers and cabinets help to keep things tidy without taking up much space. Store toiletries on a metal rack near the bathroom sink, or tuck guest supplies away in a wooden cabinet with plenty of shelves and drawers.

10. Toilet Paper Holders

Every bathroom requires toilet paper, so why not make it as decorative as possible? Hang a toilet paper holder in your favorite metallic finish for a cohesive presentation, or place a standing holder on the floor instead.

11. Faux Flowers

Make any powder room naturally beautiful with a touch of greenery. From succulents and ferns to faux-floral arrangements, these accents make any space feel more complete.

Create Your Pretty Powder Room

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