Summer Mailbox Makeover Ideas

Summer Mailbox Makeover Ideas

  • Until 1916, American households got their mail from mail carriers. With a knock on the door, they would hand-deliver each parcel – losing close to 2 hours each day while waiting for people to open their doors! To improve efficiency, the Post Office Department made it mandatory in 1923 for every house and establishment to put up a mailbox. This is how our quaint mailbox became an everyday necessity.

    The modern residential mailbox has come a long way from there. It is no longer regarded as an instrument to just collect mail, but instead carries an additional responsibility of serving as an extensions of your style and personality. Many might say it is a relatively small detail that is overlooked. But, if you are selling a home, or just trying to put your best foot forward, it’s probably time to think again! Apart from being a tool of contact between the outside world and the household, a mailbox can actually turn out to be your household’s landmark.

When you thoughtfully select a unique mailbox that suits your home, you are making it inviting for friends and family to appreciate your home’s curb appeal. With plenty of mailbox options to choose from, including standard to quirky options, it’s not hard to satisfy every need and style in the modern world of mailboxes.

Questions to ask yourself before you decide on a mailbox makeover

  • Every journey starts with a first step. Here are some questions to make sure that first step sets you on the right route to finding the perfect mailbox for your unique needs:

    • Where will I place the mailbox? Near the door or the end of the driveway?
    • What size of mailbox will go well with my house?
    • Do I want a wall mount or post mount?
    • What kind of weather will my mailbox have to endure?
    • What kind of material best suits my taste?
    • What type (traditional, contemporary, transitional or modern) of mailbox will work for my home?

    After you ask yourself these questions, read on to make the right decision for a mailbox makeover.

    Important Note: Before you get excited about making a mailbox change, remember to check with the U.S. Postal service for all related permissions, restrictions, and guidelines for where you live.

Perks of a wall mount mailbox for your home

Since it is an extension of your home, it is vital that you extend your distinctive style to the wall mount mailbox, too. A wall mounted mailbox is usually placed on the front entry door, gate or pillar. These mailboxes can be mounted vertically or horizontally and are available in various materials such as metal, steel or durable plastic. They usually come with an easy pick up/drop off top or latch, which your mail carrier can easily use. Of course, security measures – high security plates and locking mechanisms – are also available. Remember that attaching a mailbox to your door or siding will require the use of screws, anchors and a drill.

Mailboxes in Swedish silver finish or classic matte black are a great choice against brick and bring out an amazing blend of tone and shades. If your choice is a modern finish, you will find coordinating sleek and stylish mailboxes of copper or chrome appealing. To blend in with the look of an older home, we carry Victorian mailboxes that add to the feel of your house. For a compromise between the ornate and the simple, you may also want to look at mailboxes that boast charming details such as ornate metalwork.

Perks of post mount mailbox for your home

Earlier seen in the rural areas only, the post mount mailbox is a staple in city homes as well. Homeowners generally place the post mount mailbox at the end of the driveway, near a walkway  or even on the yard’s edge to help mailmen drop off mail easily. The mailbox is generally mounted on an iron or a wooden post to withstand the elements or even the gradual pressure caused by snowplows in snowier regions.

Between finishes, unique designs, and ornate design motifs, you can get creative and bring character to your yard. If you already have a working post, you may have to just pick up a post mount mailbox and save on the post. You can even think about using a post mount mailbox on a tree branch, a deck or railing, provided you have the required arrangement for it.

Mailbox accessories available

When you have picked up a mailbox that is best for you, it’s time to check if there are additional accessories you may need to enhance the overall look, feel and utility of your mailbox. Find basic posts of your choice to mount your mailbox or perhaps, a box bracket support can help you bring forward the desired results.

A mounting mailbox placard assists in personalizing your box, while a gas-light design solar lamp on your mounting post adds the right bit of old-world charm. Whatever accessory you chose for your home, make sure you take time to go through all of your pairing options before making your final pick.

Quick & Easy Style Updates

Don’t forget – this can be a fun project with an instant impact on curb appeal! But before you get too enthusiastic, make sure you consider the interaction of the overall style of your home and the mailbox that catches your eye. Here’s where style considerations come to mind.

Choose from mailboxes ranging from rustic to modern and everywhere between in finishes and motifs that boast the unique character of your home. If your home is colonial or Victorian, for example, you can choose mailboxes with ornate and elaborate details in metal or iron. Steel mailboxes with clean lines and angular details suit a modern home, while nature-inspired mailboxes are great finds for a rustic abode.

Shop these Unique Looks

Residential mailboxes are almost the first thing that catches your guest’s attention. You owe it to yourself to ensure that your property reflects your pride of ownership. Putting your best foot forward to improve your home’s curb appeal has a major impact on the overall aesthetics. So, good luck in your mailbox makeover!

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