Throw Blankets Guide

Your Definitive Guide To Throw Blankets

There’s nothing quite like snuggling up on the couch wrapped in the biggest, softest throw you can find. (Bonus points if said scenario includes a cup of hot tea and an all-new episode of your favorite TV show.) If you appreciate the creature comforts of throw blankets like we do, then we’ve got you covered — pun intended! Read on for a complete overview of what to look for when it comes to shopping our throws.

Types of Throw Blankets

Types of Throw Blankets

At Bellacor, we carry a wide assortment of throw blankets to complement your personal style. Keep things simple with solid throws in your favorite hues, or add visual interest with our medley of prints and patterns instead.

Throw Blanket Styles

Cozy? Check. Stylish? You bet. Our throw blankets come in an assortment of styles and blend effortlessly into your existing home decor. Choose from a wide range of color palettes, from earthy neutrals to Bohemian-inspired patchwork prints.

Appreciate the little details? Enhance your living room or bedroom with cable-knit textures, or add an artisanal touch with hand-woven throws boasting knotted fringed ends. Whether you’re looking for seasonal themes for an upcoming holiday or inspirational throws to give someone special, we have plenty of designs to complement any space.

Throw Blanket Materials

Our collection of throw blankets features a variety of styles and fabrics to suit your everyday needs. Keep it simple with easy-care throws in soft polyester and cotton fabrics that are machine washable, or layer different textures for an eye-catching effect.

Prefer a luxe accent that’s sure to turn heads? Drape yourself in the indulgent warmth of throws and blankets made of faux fur, plush wool, or heavyweight sherpa instead. Because of their overall versatility, these throws make excellent gifts, as well.

Incorporating different materials throughout your home is a great way to create visual interest, and it’s an easy way to update minimalistic decor without adding too much color.

Throw Blanket Sizes

At Bellacor, most of our throw blankets measure between 50” x 70” and 50” x 80”. This standard sizing makes our throws ideal for snuggling up on the couch or adding decorative accents throughout your home. Of course, there’s some variance among styles to help you find the perfect size to accommodate your preferences and needs.

How to Choose Perfect Sized Throw Blankets?
Identify Different Features of Throw Blankets

Throw Blanket Features

All of our throw blankets are super comfy, but some go above and beyond with special features. Heated throws are ideal for the chilliest of nights and work well at easing aching muscles. Alternatively, our reversible throws give you double the styling possibilities. We even carry throw blankets made of recycled materials to keep you warm while helping the planet.

How to Utilize Throw Blankets

Throw blankets are incredibly cozy, but they’re good for more than just bundling up. Drape them over a side chair for a pop of color, layer one at the foot of the bed for added texture, or add them to a guest room to keep your visitors warm and snug. Pair them with throw pillows in matching hues, or mix and match different styles as you please.

Thanks in part to their smaller size, throws can easily double as stylish accents throughout your home. Getting your home ready for the holidays? Display your collection of seasonal throws on the rungs of a decorative ladder. Searching for an update to a bare wall? Hang up a throw blanket like you would a wall tapestry.

Caring for Your Throw Blankets

The best way to keep your decorative throws and blankets in excellent condition is by following their recommended care instructions. As a general guideline, we recommend washing our open-weave throws, intricate boucle knits, and knotted designs in a laundry mesh bag to prevent snags.

For best results, machine wash cold with similar colors using your washing machine’s gentle cycle. Using a small amount of soap can help preserve the throw’s softness, but it’s best to avoid using bleach (its abrasive nature can cause your blankets to get itchy or rough, and it can cause colors to fade.) Always dry your throws and blankets using low heat, and avoid ironing them. High heat can cause their fabric fibers to melt and harden their overall look and feel.