Tips on How to Select an Area Rug

Tips on How to Select an Area Rug

With all the styles and colors available choosing an area rug that integrates with your decor is a breeze.  Consider the following factors when deciding upon your rug…

Consider your room’s focal point:

• Choose a rug with a center medallion, if you need to create a dynamic focal point.

• If your room already has a focal point, such as a fireplace choose a rug with an all over pattern.

Area Rug with Center Medallion

Consider wallpaper and upholstery patterns within your room

• If your furniture has an upholstered pattern consider choosing a rug with a more subtle pattern, or pick out and accent color and choose a solid rug.

• An ornate wallpaper also should be considered, if you choose a rug with a busy pattern the two patterns will compete with each other and create a frenetic design statement.  However, if your room is more subdued choose a rug with bold pattern to breathe life and excitement into your design.  If you fancy an updated look for your room, pick and accent color from the rug and paint an accent wall in your room to coordinate.

• For high traffic areas you want to consider rugs made from durable fibers, that are easy to clean and stain resistant.

• The main family room that is used as a gathering place would require a more durable rug than a guest room that is used twice a year during the holiday season.

Area Rugs for Holiday Season Decor
Multicolor Area Rugs for Living Room

Consider textures

• Several different fibers within a rug or high and low pile areas can add depth and dimension to your room’s design.

• Rugs made of sisal, sea grass or jute can add an interesting textural element to hardwood or tile floors.

Consider Shapes

• Don’t limit yourself to rectangles.  Ovals, circles and octagons can add symmetry or a unique design twist to a room’s decor.

Select a rug that coordinates with your decor.  Remember the colors in the rug don’t have to match the colors within the room, but at least one color should coordinate.  Color is necessary and, without it a home can look lifeless. Vibrant patterns and colors can strengthen the look of almost any room. Although it can seem simple enough, adding color to a plain room isn’t always easy. An addition of a bright area rug can offer a welcome reprieve from neutral design schemes. If you want an area rug that conforms to your room’s general appearance, then you may want to opt for neutral tones and designs that blend with your existing decor.  A textured shag rug is also a great option as a backdrop for you furnishings.

Be it contemporary or traditional, both styles account for your self-expression and taste. Geometric patterns are best suited for modern settings, whereas traditional floral patterns are the ones you can use to enhance the vintage style of the old world. When mixing patterns, it is important to remember that either the color or the pattern should be in sync with each other. This helps to create cohesion within your decor.

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