Urban Sophistication Via Industrial Chic Design

Urban Sophistication Via Industrial Chic Design

Musty abandoned warehouses, old power plants, and rustic salvage yards all have one thing in common; they’re ripe with potential for finding raw, weathered and tarnished design elements that can be used to infuse your living space with a welcome dose of vintage industrial chic style.

The industrial chic design philosophy is one that celebrates not only built-in elements like exposed brick, duct-work, or pipes, but also supports the use of items made from reclaimed and new industrial materials.  This utilitarian design style welcomes metals like tin, aluminum, iron and steel, as well as aged woods and worn textures.  Think lighting made from factory glass, furnishings made from piping or other metals, or to get even more specific, a door step made from a big, chunky, steel gear.  One thing that all industrial chic design elements will have is a look that makes them seem as if they have stood the test of time.  Industrial chic is by no means a flashy style; rather, such elements will feature a hint of patina on a matte finish, some wear and tear (like chipped paint), but ultimately look simple and clean, tending towards the masculine.  You could actually think of industrial chic style as less of a “style” and more a reflection of the realities of industrial working life, back when the ethos of industrial craftsmanship was at its most prominent.

Being that industrial chic design is both neutral and timeless, it is a style that is easy to incorporate into your pre-existing traditional, transitional, or contemporary/modern style living space.  Perhaps one of the easiest ways to start “going industrial” is with a well-chosen lighting fixture.  One company that is adept at capturing the industrial chic design sensibility in its lighting fixtures is Justice Design Group.  All it takes is one look at their Wire Glass collection to be transported to a bygone era of vintage style.   Classic industrial methods and materials are used to hand-blow the glass into a raw-look, metal wire cage to form the shape of the shade.  Glass options include Clear with Bubbles or Opal, and wire cage patterns include Grid or Swirl.  The Mercury Glass collection, a new addition to the Justice Design Fusion Collection, handsomely contributes to an industrial chic design narrative with its aged and translucent mirror look that offers a vintage/traditional style.  Last but not least, Justice Design Group’s Dakota and Montana families utilize raw-look wrought iron to stunning effect; the collection is imbued with a strong industrial feel that is both clean and simple.

When it comes to creating a vintage industrial chic design narrative, a little goes a long way and a few choice elements can give your living space an abundance of welcome, utilitarian style.

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