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    Lighting is the most important factor in nailing your next video meeting. It’s important to light your face and avoid bright lights above you or behind you. To accomplish this you can place a desk lamp in line with and slightly behind the computer so the light falls nicely on your face. If you’re the kind of person who likes to go the extra mile you can even place a white piece of paper or a white tablecloth on your desk to get an even better lighting experience.

Flattering Lighting Picks


Avoid sitting in front of a window as this will cause excess back lighting and a poor overall lighting experience. If sitting in front of the window is a must the easiest way to avoid a poor lighting situation is by adding window drapery to block out the light.

Top Window Upgrades


Background aesthetics count. Whether we intend to share it with our co-workers or not, that messy countertop and your taste in home décor are on display. Experts recommend being as minimal as possible but to avoid sitting in front of a completely blank wall. Here are some quick and easy updates to refresh your background before your next video meeting.

Favorite Wall Upgrades


If you don’t have home office space readily available try to carve out a dedicated workspace in a different room. This will help you control the lighting and background and avoid the need to sit on your sofa or bed for your next video meeting. We have a wide variety of desks and chairs that can quickly transform the corner of any room into your new WFH oasis.

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