Wallpaper Buying Guide

One of the best ways to breathe new life into a familiar space is with the timeless beauty of wallpaper. From vivid color palettes to stately prints and patterns, these eye-catching designs showcase your personal sense of style and make a statement all their own. Wondering if the wallpaper is the right choice for your home? We’ve got you covered (no pun intended) with our comprehensive wallpaper buying guide.

Wallpaper vs. Paint

Trying to decide between paint and wallpaper for your walls? When it comes to refreshing your home interior, wallpaper has some definite advantages despite its difficult reputation. For instance, wallpaper is much more durable than paint and is particularly ideal for high-traffic areas. In fact, it’s not uncommon for wallpaper to last for well over a decade. Painted walls, on the other hand, often need a fresh coat after five years. Wallpaper is also an excellent choice for older homes, as it can cover existing wall imperfections more easily than paint alone. Even better, more and more wallpaper designs are now available in removable options, so you can experiment with different designs minus the commitment.

Different Types of Wallpaper

There's no question about it when it comes to wallpaper for walls, one size does not fit all. Although this can be taken quite literally, it also means there are several different types of wallpaper. This is true not only in texture, design, and color but also in the way that it is applied to the wall. When it comes to application, there are three main types: pre-pasted, non-pasted, and self-adhesive.

Magnolia Home Shiplap White and Gray Removable Wallpaper
Rifle Paper Green and Yellow Peacock Wallpaper
Tempaper Designs Mosaic Scallop Black and Cream Peel and Stick Wallpaper

Pre-Pasted Wallpaper

Pre-pasted wallpaper is the most common type of wallpaper you’ll find. These designs are pre-coated on the back with an adhesive that’s activated with water. If you're a newbie to wallpapering, this is an easier option for you. However, while it's easier to apply, it doesn't last quite as long as non-pasted wallpaper which means you may have to reapply wallpaper in a few years.

Non-Pasted Wallpaper

Traditional wallpapers don’t come with a pre-coated paste, which means you have to apply your own adhesive to their backside to get them to adhere to your walls. This can be trickier and more time consuming for people who are not experienced in applying wallpaper. However, the benefit of non-pasted wallpaper is that it lasts longer. Consider this option only if you're well prepared for the tedious process or consider hiring a professional.

Removable or Self-Adhesive Wallpaper

Removable wallpaper (also called peel-and-stick wallpaper) is a contemporary innovation that gives homeowners and renters alike more styling flexibility. These designs are self-adhering and can be removed at any time with ease. Specifically designed for short-term use, they usually last between three to five years and are a wonderful option for those who like to experiment with different styles.