Warm Weather Holiday Decorations

Decorating For Your Warm Weather Holiday

The thought of the winter holidays often comes with images of swirling snow, mitten-wrapped hands holding steaming mugs of hot cocoa, and songs about the weather outside are frightful. So many people who celebrate the holidays do not live in a place that sees all four seasons, and if you are planning on spending the holidays where snow is not a factor, here are a few ideas and themes for celebrating the warm weather during the holidays.

Going Tropical

Whether you are escaping the snow for the holidays, or you are a permanent resident, embracing the island life during the holidays is key. The relaxed nature of living in a tropical climate means you can choose to embrace the playful palm trees and pineapple themes or find a beachy-level of holiday sophistication that works for you. This could include really celebrating the positives of being on an island. You might decorate your Christmas tree with fish, sea stars, turtles, and ukulele ornaments rather than your traditional candy canes and snowflakes. Another great way to embrace and celebrate where you live is to use the natural blooms of the area in your decor. The bright colors of birds of paradise and orchids alongside the lights and ornaments on your tree, garland, or swag. With the recent embracing of jewel tones for the holidays, there is much that a tropical location can use as inspiration for a great holiday feel.

Embracing The Desert’s Beauty

A desert holiday is a beautiful and unique experience, as many residents of the American Southwest have found. If you are living or visiting a desert climate for the holidays, you could easily embrace nature’s palette as your inspiration for decorating this year. The muted russets, oches, and deep greens of the land and plants are a great source of inspiration. Many people have taken to decorating their saguaros, yucca, foxtail agave, and aloe vera plants in their yards with lights and ornaments that bring the festivities to the outside. The beauty of living in the desert is how low the night temperatures drop, giving you an excuse to sit outside by a fire in the evenings and still enjoy the warmer temperatures during the day.

Oceanside and Nautical Holidays

If you live on the ocean, you might have less of a tropical climate and more of a beachcomber or nautical feel to your home. If this is more your style, it might be fun to embrace the sun-bleached white of sand dollars, sea stars, and driftwood rather than icicles and snowflakes. You can play up the color palettes of white and seafoam with a hint of gold for a beach-feel, or embrace a larger array of red and white in a nautical style for the holidays. You can easily take decorative lanterns as your centerpieces and style them with regional-inspired accessories to embrace the climate you live in.

Decor Cactus Plants with LED Light & Red White Cap

Overall, the holidays are not just about wintry weather, they are about bringing in the warmth and celebrating the season where you live. So embrace the beauty of where you live or vacation this time of year and incorporate it into how you style your decorations this year.