What's the current state of industrial interior design?

  • Is industrial interior designing style really outdated, or the trend chart has different story to tell?

    What's the Current State of
    Industrial Interior Design?

  • We all know interior design trend pieces are meant to be provocative. Declaring certain things “out” and others “in” is a well-known formula for creating a sense of exclusivity and authority with a touch of audacity. Stirring up reactions is the point. After all, whether folks agree or clutch their pearls, aghast that their favorite decorating detail is being labeled passé, it’s all engagement in the end.

    Still, there are some trend declarations that just don’t seem that controversial for anyone in the design industry. Stating them feels like stating the obvious.

    For quite a while now, the undesirableness of Industrial style has been one of those declarations. Forbes recently called it the “cold, industrial look” and said it’s declining in popularity. And this blog went even further, declaring “Industrial Everything” was a trend that was on its way out in 2022.

    So why on earth is Google Trends showing searches up 12 points last year, and interest in the trend generally strong overall? Today, we’re going to get to the bottom of things. What’s the REAL state of Industrial interior design in 2022?

  • Apply concepts of Biophilia and Japandi to let natural elements align with decor styles

    First, another trend that everyone seems to agree on

  • To get the full picture of where Industrial stands, it’s worthwhile to point out another trend declaration that’s pretty much universally accepted these days. That is the desirability of warm, cozy interiors with natural elements.

    Reflected in the popularity of concepts like biophilia, Cottage Core and Japandi, this trend can go many different directions. From a houseplant-heavy abode to one filled with warm wood grains and tactile surfaces, it’s all a part of the general aesthetic of coziness with a touch of the natural world.

    This preference for warm, natural elements is a big part of why so many think Industrial is a dying style. Industrial is heavy, cold, and artificial, right?

    Not necessarily.

Add industrial lighting and furniture for a warm & comfortable dining experience

Folks are finding warmth in Industrial

  • The continued desirability of Industrial interior design and décor can be put down to the underappreciated versatility of the style. While cold, stately Industrial may not suit the current cultural zeitgeist, warm, quirky and tactile Industrial very much matches the mood.

    Take, for example, this London co-working space designed by MSMR Architects. Metal beams painted matte black, textured glass panels and brass pendants hung with thick wire confidently channel Industrial. But there’s also ample warmth and softness introduced by natural wood details and potted plants. Retro furniture in a colorful '70s-inspired palette feed the overall sense of coziness and lend a touch of eclecticism.

    Then there’s this residence in Córdoba, Argentina, designed by the architectural studio SET. Classic industrial features abound throughout the structure, particularly in the staircases and balconies. But the furnishings and décor feature natural wood, soft textiles, greenery and earthy neutrals. Once again, it’s an undeniably Industrial space that shows that warmth and comfort are not just attainable with this aesthetic, they can also look refined and beautiful.

    You can even find warm industrial embodied by some of the latest furniture and décor objects as well. Take, for example, this curvy watering carafe by ACHLA Designs, or this tan leather chair by 251 First. They're tactile, positively cozy pieces that complement houseplants and sunshine just as well as exposed brick and steel beams. All while being undeniably industrial pieces at their core.

  • Add rustic and weathered decor accessories with natural elements for industrial design set up

    Industrial is alive and distinct in 2022

  • The reports of Industrial’s death were, frankly, exaggerated. It’s more like a rebirth. The imposing edginess the style has been historically prized for has given way to organic details and a fusion of the natural with the distinctly human-made.

    So go ahead and reclaim rivets. Say you’re a sucker for screw lift stools. And if you and your client find yourselves falling for a fully industrial feel, know those people declaring the aesthetic ‘out’ could really stand to open their minds to the possibilities.

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