Choosing a Sofa That Reflects Your Style

Choosing a Sofa That Reflects Your Style

You might think that a sofa is nothing more than a basic living room staple. But a sofa is much more than a place to sit – this key piece of furniture can define a room and even speak volumes about your personal sense of style. That’s why it pays to choose carefully when shopping for the model that will grace your room.

Before you start your search, ask yourself some core questions about your own style. Are you the type who is always entertaining? Or do you love to lounge with family? Do you gravitate toward sleek styles or seek out the comfort of traditional looks? Both your habits and your tastes should dictate what kind of sofa you choose.

  • If you’re always entertaining: When you constantly have a houseful of guests, whether it’s your book club friends or your teenager’s group of buddies, you need a larger sofa to accommodate those extra bodies. A sectional lets you add more space to ensure that there is room for everyone.
  • If you like to lounge with family: A sofa that lets you stretch out and let go of the cares of the day should be your pick. A sofa with a chaise gives you the option to sit, snuggle or put your feet up.
  • If you gravitate toward modern art and sleek styles: A streamlined sofa with simple styling and eye-catching material (like leather) is the way to go. Keep in mind that comfort and contemporary design really can go hand-in-hand these days, so there’s no need to compromise your aesthetics to get a comfy couch.
  • If you love history and traditional glamor: Opt for a sofa that bridges the gap between the styles of yesterday and today. The Bauhaus USA Lafayette sofa is a perfect example – it features traditional styling like a camelback silhouette and a tufted back, but in updated, clean lines that bring it into the modern era.

Sofa styles are virtually endless, so while it might take a while to find the style that’s perfectly “you,” have no fear – your ideal sofa is out there.

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