How to Choose the Correct Size for a Coffee Table

How to Choose the Correct Size for a Coffee Table

Tips to Find a Perfect Size Coffee Table

Have you ever stepped into a friend’s living room, instantly felt something missing and then noticed there was no coffee table? Coffee tables are often the finishing touch to a living room and can tie all of your décor together for a complete look. While deciding on a table isn’t rocket science, the wide selection of tables offered can make anyone feel overwhelmed. Simplify the process and find the perfect coffee table for your living room with these considerations:

Size and Shape

Take a look at the amount of open space in your living room. Does the room seem really bare or is there limited space? Round tables are perfect for smaller spaces as they allow people to easily maneuver around the area. A rectangular table will fill an empty room and keep it from looking unfinished. Both the coffee table’s height and length should be measured to confirm that the table will fit in its intended location, and remember to be mindful of scale. Here is a pretty good rule of thumb when measuring for a coffee table:

1) keep your coffee table approximately the same height to slightly lower than your sofa cushions.

2) Keep it within two-thirds the length of the couch.

3) Keep your own needs in mind. If you are taller and will be resting your feet on it, go for a higher table. Or if you plan to sit on the floor beside it on occasion, go for one that is lower than the suggested height of the couch might suggest.


Here comes the fun part! Browsing the many different table designs available can be an enjoyable process as it gives you a chance to play interior designer. While selecting a table based on its design is mostly a taste preference, you also want it to fit in well with the overall look of your living room. If you are starting fresh, decide on a style before looking at tables.


What do you intend to use the coffee table for? Some people need their table to be highly functional, while others just want it based on aesthetic appearance. Not all coffee tables are designed to actually hold coffee, so if you intend to place drinks on the table, make sure it isn’t too wobbly. If your coffee table is merely a visual attraction, then you have a chance to think outside the box and experiment. Get creative with different designs and materials that can offer a distinct look.

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