6 Places to Indulge in The Extra Large Chandelier Trend

6 Places to Indulge in the Extra Large Chandelier Trend

Find Extra Large Chandeliers Trending in the Decor Market

Few things make a bigger visual splash than overhead lighting. Each fixture brings its own unique character to a room while enhancing its overall look and feel. With 2018 quickly shaping up to be the year of the oversized chandelier – although if you ask us, we think these dynamic designs are sized just right – you may assume that these extravagant pieces are reserved for living rooms, bedrooms, or mansions only… Well, you may want to think again. Entryways, staircases, and offices are surprisingly agreeable to this bold but versatile trend! So, we’re revealing how (and where) to give it a try within your own home.

1. The Foyer

Greet your guests with lighting that makes an unforgettable first impression. Foyers and entryways are prime real estate for attention-grabbing fixtures that show off your personal sense of style. Elevate an otherwise ordinary space with a luminous multi-bulb chandelier, draw attention to a fireplace with a tiered iron and glass fixture, or position a beautifully draped crystal stunner next to an open series of windows to watch it glisten in the sun. These oversized designs provide ample illumination in high-traffic areas, and they set the tone for your overall home décor.

Large Crystal Stunner Chandeliers for Foyer

Pro Tip: As a general rule of thumb, it’s best to hang single-level entryway lighting approximately 7 feet above the floor to provide enough clearance for the tallest of visitors. (Perhaps, save, our giraffe friend above.) Also, it’s a good idea to keep maintenance and cleaning requirements in mind when selecting a foyer chandelier. Ornate designs with lots of glass and crystal embellishments are much more challenging to keep clean than basic metal or fabric-shaded fixtures.

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2. The Landing

Every grand staircase demands an equally grand chandelier. Oversized fixtures allow you to ascend and descend in style, so go ahead and beautify the landing with a sizable fixture that wows. More light enhances the overall safety of your staircase while showcasing its intricate details, which makes that elaborate chandelier you’ve been eyeing a stylish and practical choice for your home. Mimic the look of scrolled balusters with a fixture crafted with similarly curved arms, or use eye-catching combinations of matte metal, cascading crystal embellishments, and frosted glass to give wood-heavy construction some much-needed contrast.

Brighten Up Stairway with Beautiful Chandeliers

Pro Tip: When hanging a chandelier in a two-story entryway, aim for a placement that’s somewhere below the second floor to keep things properly proportioned.

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3. The Master Bedroom

Sweet dreams are most definitely made of this. Your bedroom is your sanctuary, but that doesn’t mean it’s limited to quiet decorative accents (or boring overhead lighting). Balance a king-sized four post bed with an equally dynamic spherical chandelier, or embrace contemporary styling with an angular frame that’s big on geometric appeal. A master bedroom is big enough to accommodate a larger fixture, and an oversized ceiling light is an excellent way to pull the room together without creating unnecessary clutter.

White Multi-Light Chandeliers for Bedroom Lighting

Pro Tip: While a lavish chandelier is certain to produce a generous amount of ambient light, it’s important to add strategic table lamps and sconces throughout your bedroom (as well as your home office and living room) to ensure that you have task lighting when and where you need it.

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4. The Dining Room

Culinary masterpieces belong in the spotlight, so give them the attention they so deserve. Hanging a large fixture over your dining room table is an excellent way to brighten up your dinner parties and illuminate your weekday meals. A black and white chandelier with translucent glass shades is the perfect addition to a neutral kitchen with clean lines and shiplap walls, while tiered crystals instantly add a little glitz and glamour to a contemporary dining area. A generously sized fixture is also an effective complement to a spacious dining room table, whereas a smaller chandelier may look out of place in comparison.

Designer Chandeliers for Modern Dining Room

Pro Tip: If your chosen chandelier overwhelms your dining room at first, try lifting it up a bit. The desired measurement between the bottom of an overhead fixture and your dining table falls somewhere between 30 inches to 36 inches, but a particularly big chandelier may require a few more inches of clearance for the best visuals.

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5. The Family Room

The family room is the place to be for lively discussions, so decorate it with overhead lighting that speaks volumes. Sprawling chandeliers with multiple bulbs and ornate details are always conversation starters, and these bold designs can add visual interest to a basic backdrop courtesy of asymmetrical silhouettes, scrolled arms, and vintage-inspired candelabra bulbs.

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Pro Tip: Considering that family rooms are where most people spend their time, you may want to install a dimmer switch on this particular area’s chandelier. Dimmers help you control the brightness of your overhead lighting depending on your personal preferences and entertaining needs.

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6. The Office

Give your home office a serious makeover with lighting that gets the job done. From artistic pieces that creatively inspire to cascading fixtures that stretch from the ceiling to the floor, office lighting has never been so big on style. Boost your workflow with a multi-bulb starburst design positioned directly above your desk, or use a low-hanging chandelier to divide your workstation up as you see fit.

Find Designer Chandeliers for Home Office Lighting

Pro Tip: Don’t let a standout design steal the spotlight from your workstation entirely. Add task lighting as needed to boost your productivity, or use sconces or corner fixtures to shine a light on artwork, pictures, bookshelves, or those impressive (and hard-earned) credentials.

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Limited Only By Imagination

This year is proving once and for all that extra large chandeliers aren’t just reserved for sprawling mansions, open floor plans, and high ceilings. Nothing short of spectacular, these oversized designs are the perfect additions to any space. Hang them wherever you please to create masterful focal points, lend decorative charm, and add ample illumination throughout your entire home. Wherever you place them, these dramatic fixtures certainly know how to put on a show. (But don’t be too surprised if they steal the show altogether.)

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