7 Unexpected Places to Hang Pendant Lights

7 Unexpected Places to Hang Pendant Lights

Tips to Hang Pendants at Unexpected Places

Pendant lights are some of the most versatile fixtures you can incorporate into your home décor, and they have the unique ability to redefine the look and feel of a room without the need for a costly remodeling project. From the timeless beauty of lantern pendants with exposed bulbs and glass panes to the modern-day charm of open orbs with interlocking rings, there are countless designs to satisfy your decorative preferences and lighting demands. Whether you need task lighting for specific areas of your home or crave the warmth and ambience of soft mood lighting instead, today’s pendants come in a range of silhouettes and finishes that can complement your sense of style in a flash. Without further ado, let us muse, explore, and feast our eyes on seven unexpected (but totally brilliant) places to hang pendant lighting.

1. Reading Nooks

Lantern pendants are wonderful options for small, modernized spaces – reading nooks in particular. These open-frame fixtures help you curl up with a brand-new novel or a familiar classic in the most comfortable way imaginable. A creative replacement for table lamps and torchieres, these overhead designs offer brilliant illumination right where you need it.

Choose a matte metallic frame for a subtle touch of light, or make a commanding statement with a chic black silhouette. You can even hang two matching pendants side by side for larger seating arrangements as needed. Lanterns offer a bit of old-world charisma mixed with contemporary appeal, so they’re one of the most adaptable styles to try.

2. Breakfast Nooks

Out the door before the sun comes up? Start the day off with a hearty breakfast beneath a luminous pendant instead. These open and airy designs are the perfect additions to breakfast nooks and dining spaces, and they give traditional chandeliers a serious run for their money. Position a single pendant over a small bistro table, or hang two or three identical pendants over a larger dining table or an elongated bar for dramatic visual effect.

3. The Home Office

Boost your productivity with lighting that thinks outside the cubicle. Providing ambient lighting to fill the gaps between your task lighting, pendant lighting will not only solve your lighting needs, they will lend an heir of sophistication to your office. These streamlined designs brighten your entire workspace with even light distribution that complements downward task lighting, so you can check off those daily to-do lists and rummage through files and drawers with total ease.

Even better, you’ll free up some valuable elbow room and desk space by eliminating that corner desk lamp once and for all. Finally, an office that’s neat, tidy, and efficient. (Hello, workflow.)

4. Just to the Side

Whether it’s side tables, artful nooks, or simply employing asymmetry by offsetting any major room element, pendants are the “go-anywhere” light as long as there’s ample ceiling space. If you’re treating your side tables as mere side notes in your overall décor, you may want to re-think your lighting approach here.

Pendant lights can work surprisingly well over these designs as long as they’re kept in proportion. The key is to keep things properly balanced by ensuring the pendant you choose isn’t larger than the side table itself. This spotlighting approach encourages you to stay organized and helps showcase lovely displays of pictures, flower arrangements, and other tabletop décor.

5. The Bedroom

Your master and guest bedrooms are prime spots to hang “wow” pieces that reflect your personality — and unique pendants with eye-catching details are just the ticket. Update your beach house with a pendant made of shimmering capiz shells, keep things soft and ethereal with a sheer organza drum shade, or sparkle and shine with dazzling crystal embellishments. Embrace your styling ambitions however you see fit with pendants that are true to you. These artistic fixtures can take your décor from basic to inspired and make your sleeping quarters feel more like a sanctuary.

Add Stylish & Dazzling Pendants Beside Beds for Elegant Bedroom Lighting

6. The Hallway

Great transitions demand great lighting. Lanterns, orbs, and urn pendants are lovely additions to hallway spaces, and they give these walkways instant elegance and brilliant illumination. Hang a bare-bones lantern in a tight area for a more open, breezy effect, or add a matte black fixture to a neutral-heavy room for a little industrial edge and visual contrast.

Polished metals enhance modern and contemporary hallways without making too much fuss, so choose your favorite tone for a cohesive presentation. Stick with open frames and clean, geometric lines for an effortless update to these important but often neglected spaces.

7. The Coffee Table

For most of us, the coffee table is the catch-all spot of the house. Magazines, books, bills, mail (and yes, the occasional cup of coffee) can all pile up fast, and your favorite decorative table ends up buried beneath a bunch of unwanted clutter. Force yourself to keep things organized by putting your coffee table on full display using an overhead pendant light. Dome pendants and open-cage lanterns both work beautifully here, and they can tie a room together with their individual styles and aesthetics.

Pro Tip: Learn how to create a stylish coffee table display that belongs in the spotlight.

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Adding pendant lights to these unexpected places can greatly enhance your home’s overall beauty and ambience. Let your imagination run wild with a mix of orbs, lanterns, urns, and domes placed above your favorite gathering spots, workspaces, and hideaways. This creative approach to interior lighting allows your personal sense of style to shine through, and it’s guaranteed to lend visual appeal to any area of your choosing.

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