Choosing the Right Wall Sconce

Choosing the Right Wall Sconce

Wall Sconces serve more than one purpose in that they can accentuate something on the wall (for example a picture or a shelf) in the form of accent lighting, or they can create mood-lighting with a soft glow. In addition, they can provide functional task lighting around a mirror. Depending on the situation, Wall Sconces are a very useful part of the overall lighting scheme.

If you are looking for a wall sconce for your bedroom, to assist in late night reading, this qualifies as task lighting. I would suggest choosing a sconce that shines down to help better illuminate the space.  An example of this type of sconce is featured below.

Choosing a sconce to highlight a picture on the wall of your living room, or to illuminate your hallway can be styled very differently from the sconce you chose for your bedroom.  The sconce that will be used as accent lighting should be tailored to the item it is illuminating. For example, if you are showcasing a picture on the wall, I would suggest a light that can be angled and directed specifically at the piece you are featuring.  Something like the sconce featured below.

When illuminating your hallway, a more traditionally-styled wall sconce could be used.  A sconce that does not direct the light into one particular direction, but illuminates an overall space instead.

Finally, the same type of sconce that can illuminate your hallway, can also help to illuminate your workspace in the bathroom—particularly on each side of the mirror.  These types of sconces can be viewed as both accent and task lighting.  Notice how the bath lighting below could be paired together around a mirror to create a well-lit, workable space.

Whether you are looking for a sconce to accent an area of your home, or to help you illuminate a space to make it more functional, Wall Sconces are very important elements in the entire lighting design.  Armed with the right information, you are sure to choose the right sconce for your needs.

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