Desk Top Lamps

Desk Top Lamps

As fall approaches, a lot of families are preparing to send their children back to school. And whether it is grade school or college, creating a productive space for studying is crucial for success. Bellacor offers a wide range of lighting solutions to help start the year off right.

This dual purpose desk lamp from iHome is a must-have for college students. Not only does it provide ample lighting for late-night study sessions, it’s ipod docking and recharging system is built in, keeping the desk and dorm free of unnecessary clutter.

Good lighting, however, isn’t just for students. Take this LED Desk Lamp by Koncept for example. Equipped with energy efficient, long-lasting LEDs and a mercury-free design, this lamp is perfect for the environmentally conscious and those wishing to ‘go green’ this year.

And for lighting that is as much form as it is function, the Sax lamp by ET2 is sure to be a conversation piece. Featuring a sleek and curvaceous design, it’s truly “light” on the eyes.

Bellacor has the solution to meet your lighting needs. From study friendly lighting to environmental and eye-friendly design and everything in between, the selection is one that truly “makes the grade”.

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