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Using Energy Star Lighting

The Energy Star program was first established in 1992 by the Environmental Protection Agency.  The program seeked to identify and promote clean and smart energy products and habits.  Since its birth, the Energy Star program has played a crucial role in bringing together businesses, organizations, and American consumers for a brighter tomorrow.

Bare Mini Spiral 15W Energy Star Lighting Fixture

Energy efficiency was one of pillars that the Energy Star program was built upon.  Products with the program’s seal of approval are not only better for the environment but also are much more efficient.  Before it used to be that you had to change out the light bulb on your outdoor porch light every of couple of months. That is until I traded my porch light in for an Energy Star fixture, now it’s only every 6 months that you need to change the bulb.

Energy Star fixtures use only a quarter of the energy that traditional fixtures use and distribute the light more efficiently as well. If you are interested in changing over to Energy Star fixtures, it’s recommended that you do an inventory of your home. Take note of the rooms you spend the most time in and the fixtures and lamps that you use most often…that’s where you begin to assess which lighting products you change out first.

Bellacor offers over 2500 products that carry the Energy Star logo in many different décor styles from. It used to be that fluorescent lights were only available in the flickering blue light block that you found in the basement workshop. Due to new technology and design, visitors to your home won’t be able to guess that your new eye-pleasing fixture is actually an energy efficient fluorescent fixture!  Compliment your living room with a Fernleaf Breeze Rustic Energy Star Ceiling Fan or pick up a Salisbury Rubbed Bronze Energy Star Outdoor Wall Light to brighten you house at night.

Bellacor can assist you in choosing the right Energy Star fixture for every room and in doing so will help you save money on your electric bill and bulb replacements. You will spend more time enjoying your home and less time changing the bulbs!!!

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