Home Office Lighting: Stylish Options to Light Up Your Work

Home Office Lighting: Stylish Options to Light Up Your Work

Stylish Options for Home Office Lighting

Whether you use it to put together scrapbooks of family vacations, for take-home assignments or just as your bill-paying center, the office is a key room in any home. But in order for it to be a truly productive space, you have to consider design elements carefully. Do you have a good organization system? Is it comfortable? And, most importantly, do you have the right light fixtures to see what you’re doing and prevent eye strain?

The editors at Apartment Therapy say that not thinking about lighting is one of the key mistakes that people make when it comes to decorating a home office. And they’re right – without the proper light fixtures and layers of lighting, your office could end up being a room you avoid, leaving your home office tasks ignored and unfinished.

So, how can you light your office effectively and beautifully? These are a few of our favorite ideas to provide some inspiration:

  • Task lights: You want light to be easily moveable in your home office, and a desk lamp or task lamp is a great way to achieve it. One great option is the 251 First Fulton Desk Lamp – it looks great in both eclectic modern and more traditional spaces.

  • Track lighting: Track lighting provides ambient light, but also gives you the flexibility to direct it where you need illumination the most. This pendant track lighting idea from Feldman Architects on Houzz is a unique take of track lights.

  • Under-cabinet lighting: Storage is a key component of home office organization, and that often means you’ll have cabinets in the room. If your desk is positioned under those cabinets, adding a track of under-cabinet lighting – or even some spotlights will help brighten up the work surface.

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