How Long Do LED Lights Really Last

How Long Do LED Lights Really Last?

LED lights last a long time, according to almost every lighting article online today. But how long exactly do they work? As a practical shopper, you want to know what to expect of your new purchase and whether the new technology lives up to the hype – that makes you a smart spender. So let’s discuss LED lights a little more in depth and learn what affects the life span of these energy-efficient bulbs.

What is the average lifespan of LED lights?

Types of LED Lights & Bulbs

A good quality LED light should last between 30,000 and 50,000 hours, and some last even longer, according to the US Department of Energy. Why some bulbs burn 50,000 hours and others don’t can depend on several factors, including the fixture type and operating temperature.

Will operating temperature affect LED lights?

LED Bulb for Home Office Lamps

When used outdoors, LED lights are not affected by cold temperatures. They are, however, affected by heat. A heat sink is placed at the base of LED bulbs to move heat away, but when you have an enclosed housing, the heat has no where to go but back up toward the bulb. If you plan to use an enclosed fixture, search for LED bulbs designed for this type of housing.

What is the current longest-lasting LED bulb?

Add LED Bulbs for Long Lasting Lighting

The first white LED light was put on the market in the mid-90s and since then vast improvements have been made to increase the original design’s efficiency and lifespan. While the average lifespan is 30,000 to 50,000 hours, you can find bulbs that last twice this long, up to 100,000 hours. This incredible technology continues to improve to provide homeowners with affordable, energy-efficient and long-lasting lighting.

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