How to Capture the Trend of the Moment: Exposed Bulb Light Fixtures

How to Capture the Trend of the Moment: Exposed Bulb Light Fixtures

A lot of trends are just flashes in the pan, but the new tendency toward light fixtures with exposed bulbs looks like one with real staying power. Instead of hiding behind an opaque shade, exposed bulb fixtures put the simple, sculptural form of the bulb on display as the main point of interest.

There is a surprising variety of options for homeowners who fall under the spell of the look. Pendant lights are one of the most widely available forms, but within that category, you’ll find everything from fixtures that are essentially just a socket and a cord to bulbs that sit inside a clear glass shade that adds extra interest while also exposing the form of the bulb.

Sconces, flush-mount ceiling fixtures, table lamps and floor lamps round out the selection. Metal finishes on the fixtures range from the subtly classic look of oil-rubbed bronze to brighter tones like silver and copper.Flush mount exposed bulb

So, is this trend right for your home? There are a few things to consider before you say yes or no. First, do you like an industrial look? While exposed bulbs are hot-hot-hot in the design world, this style, which hearkens back to factories and schoolhouses in the days of yore, might not be your cup of tea. Keep in mind that you may need to buy specialized bulbs for the fixtures to avoid overly bright light output.

If your home already has a traditional feel, this can be a great way to update its style and breathe some new life and light into it. It works extraordinarily well in urban-chic spaces, but is also very well suited for modern organic styles, and even Craftsman-inspired rooms.

Author Wendy Weinert

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