Keep the Bugs Away with An Outdoor Ceiling Fan

Keep the Bugs Away with an Outdoor Ceiling Fan

  • Is your patio or porch roof not doing enough to keep you cool during hot summer days? Are you tired of being pestered by numerous summer insects? If so, it may be time to start considering an outdoor ceiling fan for your space.

    You already know that indoor ceiling fans are beneficial because they reduce energy bills and keep your various rooms nice and cool. But did you know that outdoor ceiling fans provide many of the same advantages as your indoor fans, and more? Along with creating a nice breeze for you and your family to enjoy, outdoor ceiling fans can also help control your annoying pest problem. The downward draft that outdoor fans create makes it very difficult for insects like mosquitoes to fly, helping you enjoy your patio bug-free! Don’t you think most people would enjoy an outdoor patio without pests?

  • If you look at outdoor and indoor ceiling fans right next to each other, you might consider them one and the same. If you install an indoor ceiling fan outdoors, however, you will regret that decision soon enough, as they are not designed to handle outdoor elements such as the sun, wind, humidity and cold. An indoor fan would rust very quickly and you wouldn’t be able to enjoy its benefits for very long.

  • Now that outdoor ceiling fans are becoming a popular addition to many people’s outdoor spaces, you have the option to choose from numerous styles and materials. As we continue to enjoy warmer weather and sunshine, consider installing an outdoor ceiling fan in your patio or porch to keep your area cool and bug-free.