Secret Pendant Lighting Techniques

Secret Pendant Lighting Techniques to Improve Your Kitchen

Tricks & Techniques to Install Pendant Lights

Pendant lighting over islands are our favorite! There are so many fun options and styles to choose from so needless to say – it’s always hard to choose just one! From traditional glass to to industrial, not to mention size, it can be a daunting task. So we’re here today to chat with you about some of our favorite lighting options as well as some tips to think about when selecting and incorporating your designs within your kitchen. We will also share some before and afters of a recent kitchen renovation we did at Construction 2 Style and how we chose the pendents that we did.

Tip: Make sure your lighting is not only stylish but functional. The right light makes all the difference in a room.

Glass Pendants

Glass globe pendants are all the rage and what our clients have been leaning towards more and more within their renovations. This style is a classic touch for any traditional kitchen. And they also work well with a variety of other style fixtures that you may incorporate into your home- color and style. With glass pendants, I always like to tell our clients they are playing it safe and you can’t ever go wrong with choosing this option.

The one thing with glass pendants though you’ll have to think about is the dust and grease that could accumulate within the pendant. So if you’re incorporating your stove into the island, make sure that the glass pendants either hang high enough over the stove or that they don’t have an opening at the bottom to collect the grease within.

Tip: Space pendants evenly throughout the room or over the workspace.

Depending on the size of your island and the size of the lighting will depend on how many light fixtures you’ll want to incorporate within your designs. You’ll want to make sure your pendants are uniform while producing adequate lighting for the space. A good rule of thumb is to space the pendants 30″ apart from one another. Unless you are wanting to hang three pendants over a very small island for aesthetics, this rule doesn’t apply. Then just ensure that they are spaced equally apart from one another.

Globe Glass Pendant for Kitchen Lighting
Progress Lighting Penn Natural Brass 10″ One Light Globe Pendant

Drum Pendants

Drum pendants are perfect for those that want to be a little more cutting edge. I love some hefty drum lighting over an island, especially if your kitchen design is subtle and the lighting is bold in color. This option is a stylish modern finish to any transitional kitchen design.

Tip: Pendants should hang 12-20” below an 8’ ceiling.

I always suggest odd number of lights especially when hanging pendant lighting. However, if three is too much in the island, always default to scale. You don’t want it to be overwhelming or looked forced. You want your eye to flow from one place to another within any good design.

Tip: Rule of three, unless you need to scale.

Within this kitchen island that we did, we initially had three pendants chosen. But when we got them out to hang them it was clearly too much. Especially considering we had the third light right there within view above the sink. That almost brought the odd grouping together with that light behind even though it wasn’t within the actual island design itself.

Tip: Install dimmers for all pendants to adjust for work and play.

Grouped Pendants

Pendant lights are a great way to inject color and interest. They are a great place to consider your style and design options. If you’re really ready to be bold and make a statement, grouped lighting is the way to go! When grouping pendant lighting it’s best to stick with an odd number when hanging.

Tip: Make sure not to hang lighting to block views throughout the kitchen.

And there you have it! Some of our favorite lighting options and tips for when choosing and installing your selections. What about you guys? Have any tips or styles that you love and can’t live without? Would love to hear them!

Kitchen Lighting with Globe Pendant

This kitchen renovation was  a great success. Enjoy the before, during and after pictures.

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