Seven Ideas to Create a Focal-Point Using Light

Seven Ideas to Create a Focal Point Using Light

  • Each room in your house should have a focal point, a feature that immediately captures the eyes. Some rooms come with a ready-made focal point such as a fireplace or picture window, while others need you to create one. Make sure every room in your home has a noticeable focal point with these seven design ideas:

  • Use Multi-Light Chandeliers to Create Focal Point in Kitchen Space
    Photo Credit: Patti Johnson Interiors Design Blog
  • 1. Hang a chandelier in rooms with no focal point.

    A large and elegant chandelier is an easy way to create focus in a dining or a living room. Plus, it will add excitement to the room and give it a sophisticated look.

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  • 2. Incorporate accent lighting to feature particular objects.

    Sometimes the designated focal point is less obvious and needs help standing out. A little lighting can highlight an architectural element or a group of paintings on a wall you want to feature.

    3. Take advantage of large windows.

    Window walls can add instant drama to a room, so it’s best to keep them uncovered when you can. People will be instantly drawn to the natural light, especially if the windows offer a nice view. When the sunlight becomes too harsh during the day, cover it up with stylish, bold curtains to maintain the focal point.

    4. Complete the look with unique light fixtures.

    A focal point may need that something extra to make it look complete. Light fixtures are a great way to add character without being overwhelming.

    5. Select a lighted mirror for your bathroom.

    If you spend each morning getting ready in your bathroom, you want to make sure you have decent lighting. Mount a lighted mirror on the wall and you will have a well-lit room as well as a focal point.

    6. Think about Bright Furniture.

    Often times, when selecting furniture and decor for rooms, you may tend to shy away from a bright piece of furniture. However, it provides a great focal point for your eye to grab and rest on when entering a room. Consider adding this to your interior design repertoire.

  • Bright Yellow Sofa for Living Room
    Photo Credit: Patti Johnson Interiors Design Blog
  • 7. Use Large mirrors.

    Large mirrors, not only will command attention, but will give the appearance of doubling the size of your room. The more unique and beautiful – whether in color, shape, or size, the more attention will be given

  • White Full Length Decorative Mirror
    Photo Credit: Patti Johnson Interiors Design Blog

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