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When you’re looking to update your space with new fixtures, start at the top of the lighting hierarchy with a chandelier. As the largest and most prominent fixture in a space, chandeliers set your style and draw eyes exactly where you want them to go. Although many chandeliers defy categorization, it’s a good idea to learn a little about their various types before you buy. Here’s a list of the different types of chandeliers you many encounter while shopping our online catalog.

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Linear Chandeliers for Kitchen & Dining Room

Steadily gaining in popularity over recent years is the linear chandelier, which usually includes several lights on a rectangular or oval frame designed to overhang a kitchen island or dining table. Linear chandeliers, sometimes called island chandeliers, work wonderfully in open-concept living spaces because of the ample light they provide and their ability to sweep a large area with an interesting sculptural style. Choose one that suits your decor — you’ll find models in everything from French country to sleek and minimalist mid-century. Also consider a custom-designed island with shades that match or contrast your upholstery.

Nothing brings a room together more than a beautiful circle, and a sphere chandelier filled with warm, glowing light can’t be ignored. Globe chandeliers sway from the ceiling, providing an orb of light against a papered wall, near a fireplace or above a flower arrangement. The globe itself might be made from glass, acrylic, fabric, paper or even metal mesh. Try a blue-tinted recycled glass globe in a master bath or patio, a clear glass globe in an office or hallway, a trio of warm yellow globes in the kitchen, or a large paper globe in a baby’s nursery for a touch of magic and whimsy.

Usually shaded with paper, cloth, or plastic instead of glass, drum chandeliers fully encase their light inside a disc that resembles a hand drum. These circular-shaped chandeliers are often seen in wide-open spaces like shopping malls or restaurants, but also look great in a larger kitchen, living space or another area that needs a striking fixture and optimal light. Three small drums in a row over a billiards table or basement bar is a chic upgrade, especially when the light is dimmed or tinted.

You don’t need an outer space theme to hang a starburst chandelier — the retro style enhances quirky or vintage spaces and is especially suited to mid-century modernism. The starburst style or sputnik chandelier is usually a striking sculptural hybrid of globes and shooting spikes of varying sizes with the light source tucked into the center and distributed out and around the end points. The star-like quality of these chandeliers make them perfect for offices, lounge spaces and entry points of your home. They’re great conversation pieces, so hang one near the front door for your guests to admire as they arrive for a night of card-playing and conversation.

An enduring and classic style is the lantern chandelier. Some frames hold many lanterns, others only one, but all of them speak to times past when streets and shops were lit with oil or gas instead of electricity. Look for lanterns that compliment your decor theme — you’ll find endless options made from materials of all kinds. An iconic brass lantern chandelier in a front room lends elegance as you enter and exit your home, while a painted metal or distressed wood lantern chandelier can add upbeat charm to a covered porch or office space, providing plenty of light for summer parties or late-night work sessions.

Flip a dome-shaped shade upside down and you have the bowl chandelier. This type is sometimes made of several smaller bowls attached to a frame or one very large bowl in a dramatic color from your favorite palette. Available in many styles and with shades made of glass, acrylic, or ceramic, you’ll often see bowl chandeliers hanging over dining tables — their softly diffused light makes every meal feel warm and cozy. Also consider a bowl fixture over a piano, a bistro set or in a large master bedroom.

With so many chandelier types available to you, shopping for your perfect piece is even more fun. Use our wish list to save your favorites! If you need a little more information as you explore the idea of buying a chandelier, our buying guide will tell you everything you need to know.

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