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Room Dividers & Decorative Screens inspiration and ideasRound Mirrors, Large Round Mirror On Sale

Round mirrors are trending for a reason. You can find round mirrors in many different styles and designs, with the ever-popular gold round mirror usually right towards the top of everybody's list. Beyond gold, an oversized round mirror makes a statement when you enter a room, while a round wall mirror will accent your gallery wall with style and grace. A large round mirror, on the other hand, would even work over your bathroom sink. See where we're going with this? Given the abundance of frames, sizes, textures, motifs and so much more, you're bound think up new and creative uses for round mirrors that cannot possibly be contained in a single post. Still, here's our chance to show you a few fun tricks and ways you can find the perfect mirrors for your unique needs. So, let's begin!

Round Mirrors for Every Style

During your search, you’ll easily find bountiful options in traditional, transitional, contemporary, modern and even antique styles. Whether you're looking for something borrowed from the past in the form of an antique vanity round mirror, or something a bit more modern, we'll have what you need. With many different sizes and purposes, you need to decide on the role a mirror will play in the room. A simple brass round mirror, for instance, looks classic, but coordinates with everything giving you some style "wiggle room" to work with. Modern styles might include a metal round mirror with unique frame patterns that add geometry and symmetry to the already beautiful and perfect symmetry of a circle. Or with a larger mirror, your room can even feel bigger and brighter from the additional light reflected. Then there are smaller sizes to consider for different uses. A 30 inch round mirror for instance becomes a feature on the wall that can play with other décor elements, while a 36 inch round mirror would fit well over a vanity or bedroom dresser for grooming and other daily dealings.

Ideas for choosing the right round mirrors for your unique style
  • Traditional round mirrors often draw upon finishes of antique or rich country gold, silver, and other classic metallics. Characterized by attention to detail and embellished motifs, these are regal mirrors with plenty of frills and ornate beauty
  • Transitional round mirrors can draw upon numerous finishes and are better characterized by their versatility to blend with most styles while presenting an interesting design element, such as the bead detail pictured above.
  • Marked by clean edges and transitions between layers of the design, contemporary round mirrors will offer beveled or frameless round mirror options with minimal profiles.
  • Modern round mirrors tend to be imaginative and geometric with mixed materials, starker angles, beveled edges with frames, and other creative combinations of design elements.

Large Round Mirror Ideas

Consider the room where you’ll be placing a large round mirror. If you place one in your entry way over a small table, you’ll have a place to store keys and necessary items, and you can check your appearance on your way out the door. If you choose an extra large round mirror, place it in a darker corner but out of direct sunlight. This will help the entire room feel brighter and larger without reflecting too much sunlight. For a different effect, you can also choose a large, ornate frame so you can still feature the item, with less reflection in the room and more attention drawn to the design.

Also consider the interplay of room elements. Large round mirrors mesh well with smaller picture frames, tall and slender décor, or virtually any design element with a drastically different size or footprint. Take caution when pairing large round mirrors with other large décor items unless you are looking for a plusher, Bohemian feel. In that case, you'll quickly find yourself in an all-or-nothing design gamble where a few select, large and plush décor elements can interplay with larger, tropical house plants and numerous soft surfaces that collectively create a lounge feel.

Round Decorative Mirror Ideas

Decorative round mirrors function more as a piece of art on your walls. The circle mirrors in the center are much smaller compared to the frame, especially in pieces like the starburst mirror. A round wood mirror can be added to a rustic gallery wall in the living space or hallway of your home. Choose circular mirrors in contrast to square or rectangular frames holding art and photos throughout your home.

Many round wall mirrors also have nature-inspired elements such as leaves and branches around the center. Your own style and the function of the room will help you determine which round decorative mirror you need – whether nature, minimal, or industrial.

Oversized Round Mirror Style Tips

Oversized round mirrors work best all on their own wall, where they'll draw the most attention and not look cluttered. Style a large circle mirror over a table with a lamp to balance the space below it. Or you might also consider large round mirrors for your hallway to give the allusion of more space. Try a large round wall mirror in your bathroom for an uncommon but beautiful styling choice, as long as you don’t need to use a medicine cabinet behind it. When styling with such a large piece, remember to measure and plan out your space carefully, using masking tape and pencil before hanging.

Any unconventionally shaped mirror is a great statement piece in your home - round of course being a great choice. You will want to play that up by paying attention to the scale and frame of a mirror. Large, medium, or small, a round mirror can be manufactured in a variety of styles. Look for a size that does not overwhelm a space, and one that won't get lost on a larger wall. Remember, the frame type can transform the style of a mirror. For example, you might see metal frames that have a nautical feel, a mod vibe, a gilded setting, or an industrial bend to the mirror. As always, it's an interplay of room elements fusing with your unique sense of style! Now that you’ve seen the huge variety of mirrors and styling options, you’ll want to order one for yourself. We have pieces in every color and material so you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for in your home. But first, you need to measure and pick the best wall. Happy hunting!


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