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Decorative room dividers originated in Asia and still serve many purposes within a home. Whether you need room divider screens to arrange your studio apartment or an indoor privacy screen to hide a messy corner of your living space, you’ll find many uses for room screens throughout your home.

Decorative Room Dividers by Style

Sometimes you need to break up the open layout of your living space, and decorative screens do that perfectly. At other times, your choice might be purely aesthetic, calling for a stellar lineup accent furniture. Decorative room dividers may coordinate with your style to block an office corner from sight in your living room. Folding screens are also a great option for storage reasons since they fold flat and can easily slide along a wall when not in use. Try a decorative wood screen to separate your dining space from your couch and TV area. Or when you’re entertaining, a decorative screen can help guide guests through your home, and even keep them out of more private areas of the home.

Choosing the right screens and room dividers for your unique style

Many decorative screens originate from Asian-inspired design and often have a decorative nod to that inspiration. These screen dividers can vary from minimalist square panels with rice-paper lining to beautifully decorated panels depicting fine art scenes. Many modern and contemporary styles have similar origins and inspiration and share a similar visual language. Alternatively, modern and contemporary screens will also have sleek lines and unique materials. If your home is closer to a traditional style, you can incorporate a decorative screen that has Italian or Baroque-styled details. You might be more inclined to a transitional style, and any of these particular designs can work in your home.

Indoor Privacy Screen Tips

Privacy screens are commonly found in a dressing area of a large bedroom. Using a privacy screen indoors can also help to hide unsightly, but necessary elements in your room (such as wiring or even clutter). Another common use of decorative privacy screens is in studio apartments when the bedroom, living room, and kitchen are all one space. Room privacy screens help hide the bedroom from guests and can even help the room feel larger by creating room sections. A folding privacy screen is another option for small spaces. The Asian-inspired element, such as the Singapore folding screen divider, only adds to the décor in your home.

Choosing the number of panels

The number of panels on folding screens directly correlates to how large of a screen you might need. The more panels you have on a decorative room divider, the longer the division between spaces. Most screens have at least three panels for structural stability but can have as many as six or more. Some screens will allow you to fold it up from a four-panel length to a three-panel length, which means you have many options for how you use a single screen. As with anything you place in a room, you will want to find something that is proportional to your space. A large room can usually handle a larger screen, whereas that same screen could overpower a smaller space.

Room Divider Screens

Based on size or purpose, you can start narrowing down your room dividers screens based on style and material, such as rattan. While rattan folding screens are neutral, they still add a natural element to your room (along with the function). Only hiding a few things in the corner? Try 3-foot room divider screens to block the mess. If you choose a piece with a fun color or print, you’re adding an energetic, artistic component to the space. With solid, sheer, and colored varieties, you can find the perfect piece to match your room.

Where screens and panels come in handy

Room dividing panels are incredibly handy in spaces where you want to create a separation between two different parts of a room, create visual privacy in a space, or hide unsightly or utilitarian appliances. A decorative room divider is a perfect opportunity to break up a large room into two or more functional spaces. It would work well for dividing an open concept dining and living area or creating separation between relaxation and task-specific areas in your home. If you live in a studio or have a large bedroom, it is not a bad idea to use an indoor privacy screen while also incorporating a decorative element.

Folding Screens & More

As we’ve mentioned before, these folding screens come in a variety of options. Choose from different fabrics and colors, mirrored or papered decorative folding screens to expand your personal style. If you’re considering a large piece, but don’t want to lose light in the space, try a traditional folding privacy screen with rice-paper windows – still providing privacy but allowing light to filter through. If you want to create distinct spaces, a larger folding screen room divider will work best. Upholstered decorative folding screens add a lush and comfortable ingredient to your space. You can even choose between panels with legs and panels completely flush to the floor.

Screens and room dividers fulfill many functions in a space, and with our variety of choices, you’ll certainly find the piece that’s right for your room. In a dressing corner of your bedroom or the entertaining space in your living room, these folding screens are beautiful as well as useful.

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