Seasonal Decor

Seasonal Decorating

Seasonal Decor Ideas

How many of your favorite memories are tied to the seasons? From the sights and smells to the changing weather, the seasons help to color our lives and set the rhythm for special experiences. Creating the perfect environment for each season is what helps shape those memories year after year. From the moment you pull your treasured seasonal décor from storage, feelings of nostalgia and excitement fill your home. From scented candles to festive décor draping the fireplace mantel, seasonal décor is what sets the stage for us to welcome in spring, summer, fall, and winter.

Holiday Decor Ideas

Whether you're decking the walls for Christmas, setting up the patio to dine al fresco, or shopping for the perfect items to create your Thanksgiving tablescape, there is no shortage of decorations to celebrate the seasons or the holidays. If you're the type of person who likes to welcome in each new season, but then wants to take it up a notch during the holidays, keep the seasonal décor neutral and muted, and then go more bold and distinct during the holiday time frame.

Fall décor is a perfect example of how to do this. Rely on seasonal color palettes like rust, browns, and oranges but stick with muted tones. Door wreaths, decorative pumpkins and autumn leaf garlands introduce the fall look in a subtle-yet-noticeable manner. When Halloween rolls around, you can play up the spooky look with a skeleton or witch guarding the front door, fake spider webs stretched across the fireplace mantle, or Jack-o-Lanterns sitting on the front steps. Even something as simple as a festive throw pillow is enough to say "Happy Halloween!"

The same decorative concept can be applied to Christmas. A forest green color palette, wooden and metallic accents, holiday throw pillows, and a neutral door wreath can stay up all winter long. But when you're ready to go all-in on Christmas, it's time to set up the Christmas tree, put up the Christmas lights and break out the nativity scene.

You can use this approach in any season or holiday. Start neutral and build upon the base for the holidays. Every nook and cranny of your home has the potential to be dressed up. Think about windowsills, entry doors, mantels, ceiling lights, and accent tables. Add a festive touch here and there to keep it modern and minimal or go all out with kitschy decorations!

Decorating for Hosting Guests

Across every special moment, simply ask yourself what will bring your guests into the spirit of that time and place. How can you help them create the memories on which family bonds are built and glasses are raised in boastful toasts? If you’re an entertainer, think of creative ways to combine the best aspects of beautiful aesthetics and utility to make each item double as a thing of beauty and of usefulness for your guests. For instance, can something as simple as a candle also serve as a subtle reminder of the season with clever use of design and scents that tie into the spirit of the season? Or perhaps your mantel can act as a way to showcase past memories with holiday pictures carefully framed and presented to call upon unforgettable memories.

Getting in the holiday spirit is a lot easier when the stage is set just right and the same can be said with each new season. Expert tip? Shop for seasonal decorations during end-of-season sales to get the best price!